Make and Receive Phone Calls directly in Slack. is the phone system that unites all your communication in one place that your team already loves – Slack!
No additional software needed. Use your own phone number or get a new one in over 100 countries.

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Yodel the voice assistant

Personalize customers’ experience

Use Yodel’s Natural Speech to talk with the caller before answering the call. Your team will always be prepared for when they answer a call.

Your phone in Slack

Make and receive calls right from your Slack channels – without any additional software.

100+ countries

Get local phone numbers in over 100 countries to stay close to your customers.

Supporting over 30 languages

Yodel speaks and understands over 30 languages and accents.

Who is Yodel for?


Yodel is one centralized phone system within your team - no matter if you are distributed, want to scale fast and have everything documented in one place. Get a number in over 100 countries and put it on your website to have a professional look for your website visitors.
Cost efficient pricing and Yodel grows with your team. Add numbers and users at any time.

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Yodel voice assistant is the first instance for callers and routes them to the right person in your team. Yodel call tagging organizes calls by projects and you have it easily accessible in the downloadable call log. Voicemail is transcribed, so after the weekend, calls can be easily read up on and customers can be called back. Calls are easily shareable throughout various locations and all structures of teams since Yodel is fully integrated into Slack.

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You are a proud business owner and want to be available for your customers since you want to serve them with the best quality of your product or service. Yodel is an efficient phone system for even one-man shows and can take over calls when you can’t.

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Yodel lets you have local phone numbers for each country you sell products in. Yodel can fully autonomously handle your calls and read your customers your FAQs in over 30 languages. More personalized customer service with less workload for you and your team.

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Yodel –
the voice assistant

Yodel is an active part of your team and can automatically answer calls for you. By connecting Yodel to your Knowledge Base, it is able to answer FAQs easily and automatically. All without your team getting interrupted from work. Yodel announces calls to your team if it is unable to answer by itself and you can take over immediately.


These are amazing features for you!

Call Log

All your calls are saved in a call log and can get searched through.


Tags are helpful to give calls descriptive.

Address book

Save your most important contacts in the address book so you always know who is calling.

Voice IVR

No more annoying “press 1 for sales, press 2 for support”. Yodel understands the topic of the call and routes it to the right team member.

Voicemail transcription

Voicemails are displayed in a text format so you can read what the caller said, rather than listen.

Ask for reason

Let Yodel ask the caller for the reason of calling. The answer is real time transcribed so your team always knows who the caller is and what they need.

Office Hours

Let callers know when your team is available for calls and when not. The caller gets sent to the voicemail when calling outside of the office hours.


Have your whole team see who is in a call and let them join a call, or even just listen in to a call when need.

Canned responses

No time to answer a call? Send the caller a voice message to let them know that you will call them back.

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