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Create a personal relationship with your clients

Professional and personalised phone communication

Collaborate on calls and receive relevant information about your client with the help of Yodel.

Unbeatable call quality

Yodel works with trusted local carriers to guarantee the best possible call quality for your clients.

Focus on your clients

Save time on call management, thus having more time for your clients.

Build lasting client relationships with the help of Yodel

Yodel recognizes existing customers and makes sure that your team is available for them.

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“We had previously tried another internet-based phone system, but had a lot of problems with it, to the point we almost gave up on the idea. There were tons of issues with the main one being the phone quality, which as a phone system is crucial. We were looking for something that works, and can help to support our sales team. Yodel does exactly that, and we really rely on their ability to integrate to Slack and Salesforce. We can help customers all over the globe who just signed up for our service, without any issues or delays.”

4 Top Features

These are the top features agencies use Yodel for:

  • CRM Integration

    Yodel shows you all necessary information about a client before answering a call, automatically updating the client's profile in your CRM

  • Voicemail and call recording transcriptions

    Yodel records and transcribes calls - no more note taking that others can't access

  • Custom groups

    Use Ring Groups to notify everyone in a customizable group

  • Call screening

    Yodel pre-qualifies incoming calls automatically so your team attends only the most relevant ones

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