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Transforming Small Business Communication With Yodel VoIP

If your business is looking to upgrade your business phone service and unlock a user-friendly, feature-rich service, then Yodel could be your perfect solution.

What Is a VoIP Phone System?

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system is a type of phone service that allows you to make phone calls over the internet. All information and data are stored securely in a cloud PBX, meaning your business doesn’t have to host servers on your property. Instead, everything is stored digitally in the cloud!

Switching from a traditional phone system to a business VoIP service helps you establish unified communications, easily consolidating your business phone service and other software. You also can take business calls from any location with an internet connection, helping create a more flexible way to communicate. This can be done through the Yodel app for tablets and mobile devices, desktop apps, or by integrating into software you are already using.

VoIP systems for small businesses give you access to high-tech solutions, without becoming a significant overhead expense.

Get the Most Out of Your Small Business VoIP With Yodel

Made for Small Businesses: Our small business VoIP system is full of all the advanced features your business will love, in a hassle-free way so you don’t have to spend valuable time learning a complicated new system.

Deliver Best-In-Class Support: Improve customer service by handling customer calls in a more efficient way.

Create an Efficient Remote Team: Empower your team with flexible work by using a system that gives you access to your business phone number, wherever you have an internet connection.

Streamline Your Phone Communications: Eliminate complicated processes and house all of your business phone communications in one easy-to-access place.

Quickly Connect to Your Favorite Tools: Integrate seamlessly with the tools that your team is already using.

Customizable to Your Team’s Style: Easy to use within Slack, compatible with phone hardware, and available as both a mobile and desktop app.

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Yodel: The Feature-Rich Solution for Small Businesses

  • Call Screening

    Yodel is able to answer your calls and transcribe caller intent so you always know who is calling, and why.

  • Unlimited Concurrent Calls

    Make and receive unlimited parallel calls on the same phone number, at the same time.

  • Call Collaboration

    Collaborate with your team on calls by sharing notes in real-time, utilizing conference calls, and using call whispering to share relevant information with teammates.

  • Intelligent Voice IVR

    Route callers based on what they are saying in real-time, ensuring they are sent to the appropriate team member.

Intelligent Voice IVR
Intelligent Voice IVR

  • Auto Attendant

    Get access to a virtual receptionist solution by utilizing customizable greeting messages, call routing, and more.

  • Voicemail Transcription

    Take advantage of voicemail transcriptions to easily read important information left in messages.

Voicemail Transcription in Slack
Voicemail Transcription in Slack

  • Business Text Messaging

    With Yodel you can send your customers text messages, helping you communicate with them even when you can’t take a call.

Business Text Messages
Business Text Messages

  • Call Recording

    Start, pause, and end recording of live calls, and then easily access recordings to review important details.

  • Call Tagging

    Customizable tags can be added to calls, which you can easily search and sort through.

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Unleash Your Potential as an SMB

Put Your Callers First

Utilize features designed to help you prioritize your callers, differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Build Lasting Relationships

Connect with clients, and build lasting relationships by providing a reliable and responsive point of contact.

Access Unbeatable Call Quality

Yodel works with trusted local carriers all over the globe in order to guarantee the best possible connection for your phone communication.

Making the Switch Has Never Been Easier!

  1. Create Your Trial Account And Receive A Phone Number

    Easily filter to find specific area codes and countries. With 70 different countries to choose from, you will be able to find a number that fits your business needs.

  2. Invite Your Team Members And Assign Roles

    Designate Admin, Member, and Guest roles to help your team have access to everything they need.

  3. Make And Receive Calls

    Take advantage of our Slack integration, or use our Web, Desktop, or Mobile apps! With plenty of options, your team can choose the system that works best for them!

  4. Track And Record Calls

    Use features such as call logs, and reports to monitor your call data.

Yodel Account Steps to Install

Take Advantage of Yodel Integrations to Connect the Tools You Love

  1. Slack: If your team lives in Slack, you will love adding your phone communication to one centralized location.
  2. Drift: Integrating your phone system with Drift lets you start voice calls directly in the Drift chat, without needing a phone number.
  3. Zapier: Connect Yodel to over 1000 different apps that you may be already using by integrating into Zapier.
  4. Integromat: Automate your workflow even further by connecting your business cloud phone service, with Integromat.

And many more! Check out our integrations for Dialogflow, QnA Maker, and take advantage of our custom webhooks!

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  • Yodel Trial Basics

    Get started with a free trial today! No credit card is needed, and you can cancel at any time. This 14-day free try is designed to let you test out how Yodel can help your small business, right from the start.

  • Getting a Yodel Business Number

    Our easy onboarding process includes receiving a Yodel phone number. With 70 different country codes to choose from, you can find a number that fits your business needs.

  • **Yodel Apps
    **Easily take business calls wherever you are, by connecting with the Yodel apps! Apps are available across iPhone, Android, Windows, and macOS helping you do business, wherever you are.

  • SIP Support for Hardware Phones

    If taking calls on a hardware phone works best for your team, then you’re in luck! Yodel can be connected with traditional phones, giving your team the option to take calls the way they want to.

Ready to supercharge your phone system? Enjoy your 14 day free trial.

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