Cloud Based Voicemail Transcription Software for Business

Save time and easily access important information with Yodel. Our easy to use cloud-based phone system will automatically transcribe voicemails for you, helping you to keep track of what matters.
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Cloud Based **Voicemail Transcription Software** for Business

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What is Voicemail Transcription?

Voicemail transcription for business is a feature that converts your audio file voicemails to readable text. Yodel is able to listen to your messages, and automatically transcribe them for you. This gives you access to the important information in voicemails left by your callers, even when you can’t listen to the audio files. You can also easily search through the text files, to help you keep track of important information.

Yodel’s virtual phone system utilizes intelligent language processing to be able to take the audio files and convert them into a text file. This feature is just one of the ways Yodel is able to equip your business with next-generation technology, in an easy-to-use system.

How to Activate Voicemail Transcriptions?

With Yodel, it is easy to get started with voicemail transcriptions. With transcripts available in over 30 different languages, this powerful tool can be made readily available. Once you have started your free trial and have set up your business phone account, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Through your Yodel account, activate your business voicemail
  2. Voicemail transcriptions will be automatically enabled simultaneously, without any additional action needed
  3. Access your voicemail transcriptions through your call log to get started reading your voicemails
Text Messaging

Features That Work Great With Voicemail Transcription for Business

Text Messaging

Send your callers a text message, helping you communicate effectively with your customers.

Call Screening

Yodel is able to answer your calls and transcribe caller intent, helping your team know who is calling and why.

Call Recording

Access a secure and easy-to-use system that allows your business to start, pause, and end call recordings. All recordings are securely saved to the cloud with our VoIP system.

Canned Responses

Choose from customizable canned responses to send to your callers. This helps personalize your caller’s experience, even if you can’t take the call.

Learn more about the features available with your Voicemail Transcription Service

Yodel: The Most Robust Business Phone System

Get more out of your phone system with Yodel. Our virtual phone system is easy to implement and use, helping your team see the benefits right from the start.

Explore Even More of Our Amazing Features

  • Interactive Voice Response IVR:

    Start your contact center process by routing callers based on what they are saying, instead of selecting numbers from a menu.

    Voice IVR

  • Call Collaboration: Collaborate with your team on calls by sharing notes in real-time, utilizing conference calls, and using call whispering to share relevant information with teammates.

  • Mobile Apps:

    Access your business phone from your cell phone anywhere with apps available for both iPhones and Androids. You can also take advantage of tablet and desktop applications!

  • Call Queueing:

    Automatically have callers added to the queue when live agents aren’t available. Customize your queue settings to fit your team best.

  • Global Network:

    Yodel gives you access to the best possible call quality by working with trusted local carriers around the globe.

  • Integrations Made Easy:

    Integrate your phone system into tools your business is already using, such as Slack, SaaS tools, CRM software, and more.

  • Office Hours:

    Make sure that your callers always know when your team is available by setting up office hours that notify incoming callers.

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$25 per month/user

Access features that help you and your team provide a high quality phone experience for your callers, while letting you better organize and integrate your phone communications.
  • One number per user included
  • Free number porting
  • Slack integration
  • Main VoIP features included

$35 per month/user

On top of the Premium features, Premium Plus customers will get access to exclusive integrations and additional support from our team. Best for scaling teams!
  • Premium support
  • Intercom integration
  • SIP support for your hardware devices
  • Connects to your existing PBX
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Jenny Encheagaray
Jenny Encheagaray
Director of Concierge, Blueboard
Christopher Supnig
Christopher Supnig
Co-founder, appointmed
Tom Winter
Tom Winter
Co-Founder, Devskiller
Yodel has been a partner to us since day 1. As our Concierge Team has scaled over the years, so has Yodel's product. They've supported us in building meaningful relationships with our Recipients, which is part of our team's mission.


Yodel Trial Basics

Get started with a free trial today! No credit card is needed, and you can cancel at any time. This 14-day free trial is designed to let you test out how Yodel can help your small business, right from the start.

Getting a Yodel Business Number

Our easy onboarding process includes receiving a Yodel phone number. With 70 different country codes to choose from, you can find a number that fits your business needs.

Yodel Apps

Easily take business calls wherever you are, by connecting with the Yodel apps! Apps are available across iPhone, Android, Windows, and macOS helping you do business, wherever you are.

SIP Support for Hardware Phones

If taking calls on a hardware phone works best for your team, then you’re in luck! Yodel can be connected with traditional phones, giving your team the option to take calls the way they want to.

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