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The standard IVR technology relies on callers having the ability and patience to interact with keypad selections. Yodel takes this feature one step further with our Voice IVR system, which supports voice responses as well.

Reduce the number of callers who have to hear the standard, “press 1 for sales, press 2 for billing” messages. These menu options come with the hassle of remembering which number corresponds to which touch-tone keypad selection, and aren’t always a hands-free option for callers who might be otherwise occupied.

Yodel’s Voice IVR technology is the automated phone tool that benefits your callers and your team members. This technology interacts with callers and gathers information as they speak in real-time. The Voice IVR technology will route calls based on what they are saying, helping your callers get to the right team member to assist them, with no additional task required from the caller.

Your callers will notice the difference in customer service, and your business can benefit from an increase in customer satisfaction. Your team members will also be assured that calls coming their way are relevant to them, avoiding unnecessary distractions and trying to reroute callers.

IVR systems are perfect for businesses of all sizes, and large and small businesses can take advantage of the added benefits of Voice IVR technology with Yodel.

How a Voice IVR System Helps Your Callers

Better Customer Service

With an IVR system, your callers will have a reduced hold time before being routed to the live agent who can assist them. Improve your customer service with something as simple as implementing an IVR system!

Self-Service Customer Service Made Possible

Sometimes a caller doesn’t need to talk to a live agent, or they are calling outside of normal business hours. Your IVR system can provide answers to common customer questions, or allow callers to resolve issues independently.

Tech-Savvy Speech Recognition

Yodel’s Voice IVR system listens to what callers are saying in real-time so that your callers don’t have to think about or modify what they are saying to get to the right person.

Increased Accuracy in Call Prioritization

IVR technology can assess the degree to which calls need to be ordered, helping urgent situations see a quicker resolution. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Yodel IVR Technology

How a Voice IVR System Helps Your Business

Team Efficiency

Without an IVR system, you might have someone manually answering and routing calls, or you may be relying on a less accurate routing system. If you’re trying to find places to improve your business’ productivity, then an IVR system might be the perfect solution.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Customers love to call businesses for support, but they may be dreading the “press 1 for sales” system you have in place. Offering Voice IVR technology will set your business apart, and leave your callers with a positive customer experience.

Streamline Business Processes

Your Voice IVR technology can be integrated into the software and processes your team is already using, thanks to Yodel. Unify your communications, including your interactive voice response system.

Lower Costs for Customer Service

By routing your caller to the right live agent right away, you are able to spend more time on high-quality customer service. You are also able to reduce the cost per call, as you free up more time to handle a higher call volume.

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Yodel’s Top IVR Best Practices

  • Keep it simple
    It can be tempting to develop a complex phone menu, but the best systems will be as simple as possible. This will help your callers and your team avoid confusion, while still maintaining all of the benefits of an IVR system.

  • Build menu with the customer service team
    The live agents who handle calls will know best why people tend to call. By using this information to anticipate answers, you can optimize your IVR menu.

  • Refresh menu prompts often
    By regularly updating your menu and responses, you can make sure that your IVR system matches the reasons for incoming calls.

  • Integrate with other software
    Connecting your IVR technology with other business applications or tools can help you improve your phone communication even further. Look for solutions that allow you to connect to the tools your business relies on.

    Business Integrations Made Easy

Setting up your IVR system in Yodel - in 3 easy steps

  1. Create a customizable greeting message
  2. Set routing keywords that will be used to direct callers to the appropriate group or team member
  3. Choose optional music on hold

And there you have it! It is simple to set up, with incredible benefits for both your callers and your team.

With Yodel, you can ensure that your callers and your team members have an improved phone communication experience. Our Voice IVR technology is just one feature that can make a big difference. To explore our other features, and learn why Yodel is the best service for all of your phone communication needs, get started with a free trial today.

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