Zoho CRM Integration with VoIP Phone System

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**Zoho CRM** Integration with VoIP Phone System

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We know how important your customers are to you

If your team is already using Zoho, you already understand the importance of a CRM system. With Zoho, you’re able to effectively monitor, support, and manage your sales and other activities.

If we had to take a guess, you are probably relying on your business phone system to facilitate a large portion of your sales activities. This makes sense, being able to talk to prospects and leads over the phone allows you to form better relationships, answer questions, and pitch your products effectively.

It only makes sense then to combine your business phone with your CRM solution. When you take advantage of Yodel.io, you’re able to access our zoho crm voip integration.

Enjoy the perks of a Business phone system with Zoho CRM Integration with 14 day free trial.

What you can unlock with Yodel + Zoho

Synchronize your Zoho CRM contacts with Yodel

You’ll never have to wonder who is calling, or miss calls from your top prospects and leads. With Yodel and Zoho, your CRM contacts will automatically sync with your phone system. That way you can better handle incoming calls, and keep track of caller history.

Tag contacts in Zoho CRM when a call is finished

Keep track of important call information and call histories with customizable tags. With Yodel and Zoho, you can keep track of call tags such as “support call”, “upsell potential”, and more. That way when you look at your leads and customers as a whole, you can understand what their previous communications have shared with your team at the glimpse of an eye. It can also help your support teams identify common trends in incoming calls.

Update and synchronize tags between Zoho CRM and Yodel

There’s no need to repeat processes such as updating tags manually. With Yodel and Zoho, you can rest easy knowing that any updating of tags will be synchronized across your tools. This helps for easy updating of information, and making sure your business tools are all on the same page.

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Unlock advanced features with Yodel.io VoIP Phone

Connecting to Zoho isn’t the only benefit you’ll receive when you start taking advantage of Yodel.io phone system.

Intelligent Voice IVR

Route your callers based on what they are saying in real time, helping your callers avoid outdated menu selections.

Text Messages

Connect to another communication channel, by gaining the ability to send text messages from your business phone number.

Voicemail Transcriptions

Have your voicemail messages automatically transcribed, making important information even more accessible.

Contact Synchronization

Quickly sync contacts from other lists and platforms, creating more unified communications
Intelligent Voice IVR

How to setup Yodel with Zoho

We make it easy to get started combining Yodel with Zoho. We made it simple so you don’t have to spend time worrying about getting set up, and instead can start taking advantage of all the new features you’ve unlocked within Zoho.

  1. Go to Zapier.com and login
  2. Search Yodel.io, and select the Zoho integration
  3. Authorize access to share information, and get access to fully functioning integrations that are instantly ready to go!

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