Trello Phone Integration — Yodel Business Phone System

Making and receiving calls has never been easier for teams who love Trello! Integrating Yodel with Trello makes it simple to get the most out of your business phone system, and your business tools.
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**Trello Phone Integration** — Yodel Business Phone System

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Integrate Yodel Phone System with Trello

Add new workflows in Trello that help you stay more connected to your team and your callers than ever.

  • Open new cards

    Open new cards in Trello that correspond to different activities happening in Yodel! Easily add incoming, outgoing, or finished calls as new cards that are conveniently displayed for you and your team.

  • Manage your contacts

    Create or update your contacts easily, and access a shared address book that helps your team keep track of important caller information.

  • Send text messages

    Send text messages based on Yodel or Trello actions such card due reminders, new cards, or incoming calls.

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Route callers based on what they are saying, instead of selecting numbers from a menu.

Voicemail and Call Transcriptions

Yodel records voicemails and calls as both audio recordings and displayed in a text format.

Call Screening

Yodel is able to discover caller intent so you always know who is calling and why.

Global Network

Yodel works with trusted local carriers around the globe to give access to high-quality international coverage.

Live Activity Feed

Easily see who is on a call, incoming calls, and the length of current calls.

Forward to Phone

Forward live calls to the Yodel mobile app so you can continue a call even when you are on the go.

How to Setup Yodel with Trello

  1. Start your free trial, and create your Yodel account
  2. Head to and select “Integrations” and connect to Zapier
  3. In your Zapier account choose the actions that you would like to integrate between Trello and Yodel
  4. Customize actions to best fit your team’s workflow, or use Yodel’s premade templates

Ready to supercharge your phone system? Enjoy your 14 day free trial!


Jenny Encheagaray
Jenny Encheagaray
Director of Concierge, Blueboard
Christopher Supnig
Christopher Supnig
Co-founder, appointmed
Tom Winter
Tom Winter
Co-Founder, Devskiller
Yodel has been a partner to us since day 1. As our Concierge Team has scaled over the years, so has Yodel's product. They've supported us in building meaningful relationships with our Recipients, which is part of our team's mission.

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