Ultimate Insightly VoIP Integration with Yodel

If your team loves to use Insightly for your CRM needs, then you’re going to love what you can do when you combine Insightly with Yodel!
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Ultimate **Insightly** VoIP Integration with Yodel

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Streamline your communication by keeping all your information in one place!

You probably have a whole suite of business tools that you love, including Insightly. It can get complicated when those tools don’t communicate with each other, which can lead to harmful information silos and unnecessary complications.

This can also make your workflows overly complicated as you have to toggle between multiple screens, windows, and business tools.

It’s time to streamline your communication, by combining your business phone system with a tool you already know and love: Insightly!

You can now do so with Yodel.io!

Yodel.io is an intelligent business phone system that allows you to connect your phone to tools you are already using and love.

Enjoy the perks of a Business phone system with Insightly Integration with 14 day free trial.

Insightly + Yodel= New Capabilities for your Team

When you connect your CRM with Yodel, you’re able to unlock new capabilities

Synchronize your Insightly Contacts with Yodel

You’ll never have to wonder if your contact information is consistent or up to date across your phone contact book and your CRM. With Yodel, you can have your information synchronized across platforms, leading to more consistent information within your business tools.

Update Your Insightly Records When a Call is Finished

Streamline your communication workflows by handing off simple tasks to the Yodel integration! When you finish a Yodel call, you can take advantage of connecting your tools and have your Insightly records updated with call information. That way you can easily see communication records, within your Insightly Records!

Update and Synchronize Records Between Insightly and Yodel

Important and relevant information can be easily shared across your business tools, helping to avoid harmful information silos. This way your important contact records can stay up to date with the latest communications, and more!

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Yodel.io Benefits

Once you’ve started with Yodel, you won’t be able to live without our other incredible features.

Intelligent Voice IVR

Route your callers based on what they are saying in real time, instead of relying on outdated menu selections. This way you can get your callers where they need to go, right from the start!

Text Messages

Utilize your business phone number to send text messages. Open up a whole new business communication channel, so you can communicate with your customers however it is most convenient.

Voicemail Transcriptions

Have your voicemail messages automatically transcribed, making important information even more accessible. This allows you to hear, or read, your voicemail messages as well as store them for future reference.

Contact Synchronization

Quickly sync contacts from other lists and platforms, creating more unified communications
Intelligent Voice IVR

How to setup Yodel with Insightly

It’s easy to get started with the Yodel and Insightly integration. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Go to Zapier.com and login
  2. Search Yodel.io, and select the Microsoft Teams integration
  3. Authorize access to share information, and get access to fully functioning integrations that are instantly ready to go!

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