HubSpot Business Phone System Integration with Yodel

Making and receiving calls directly in HubSpot has never been easier than with Yodel. Get started with our easy to configure and use HubSpot phone system integration that your team will love.

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HubSpot Yodel CRM Integration

Get the Most Out of Your CRM System with Yodel!

Yodel makes it easier to maximize the efficiency of HubSpot and your phone communication.

See these Business Benefits, Right from the Start

When you take advantage of our HubSpot phone Integration, you are able to instantly see benefits that your team and customers will love.

  • Increase Productivity: Combine the time-saving features of a VoIP system with your CRM to help you reduce the amount of time spent on finding customer data, syncing data, and routing calls.
  • Improve Flow of Information: Keep track of important call data, and easily access it across users and devices. Efforts to prevent information silos can be enhanced with a HubSpot phone integration.
  • Unify Your Communication Tools: When you integrate your business phone system into your CRM platform, you can benefit from a more centralized workspace.
  • Enhance the Customer Journey: Your sales team can easily enhance the customer experience throughout their journey. Enable your team members to give unparalleled service with a HubSpot phone integration.
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Leverage Your Sales Cycles with Robust Communication Features

Yodel not only helps you get more out of your CRM platform but also helps your team and customers get more from phone communication in general. Get started today to begin taking advantage of Yodel’s next-generation features.

  • Click-to-Call: Integrating your phone system with HubSpot allows you to easily make calls without having to leave the HubSpot platform. Just simply click on a customer’s phone number to begin your call.

  • Business Text Messaging: Yodel enables business SMS text messaging, allowing you to easily text your HubSpot customers.

  • Call Logging: Automatically log all calling activities, such as incoming calls, length of calls, and more. Easily search through previous calls to access important call data.

    Yodel Call Logs in Hubspot
    Call Logging in Hubspot

  • Call Recording and Transcriptions: Reduce the need to take notes on a call with call recording and call transcriptions. Call recordings and transcriptions are conveniently saved for later review.

    Yodel Call Recording in Hubspot
    Listening to a call record in Hubspot

  • Intelligent Voice IVR: Always know who is calling and why with intelligent voice IVR. This allows your team to be better prepared to answer a call.

    Yodel IVR
    Configuring IVR in the Yodel Dashboard

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How to integrate HubSpot with Yodel

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Yodel makes it easy to connect to your favorite tools, helping you get more out of your phone system. Unlock the future of phone communication with smart integrations such as HubSpot.

  1. Sign up with Yodel, and create your account
  2. Receive a business phone number, or port in your existing number
  3. Connect HubSpot to your Yodel account at the Yodel Integrations page

Steps to create a Yodel account

Steps to create a Yodel Account

  1. Create Your Trial Account And Receive A Phone Number

    Easily filter to find specific area codes and countries. With 70 different countries to choose from, you will be able to find a number that fits your business needs.

  2. Invite Your Team Members And Assign Roles

    Designate Admin, Member, and Guest roles to help your team have access to everything they need.

  3. Make And Receive Calls

    Take advantage of different integration options, or use our Web, Desktop, or Mobile apps! With plenty of options, your team can choose the system that works best for them!

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“Yodel provides the possibility for our remote team to be available via a single phone number where everyone can take calls as they come in. The phone is a very important support channel for us and Yodel provides the bridge to Slack (our communications hub). We especially rely on the voice recording of incoming calls, to quickly route calls to the correct department.”

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