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Integrate Yodel Phone System with Discord

Easily integrate your phone communication into Discord with Yodel. Empower your team with a cloud-based phone system that lets you communicate how you want to. Whether you want to make and receive calls on hardware phones, smartphone devices, your computer, or tablet, you can easily do so with Yodel. The best part? No matter how you prefer to do voice communication you can stay connected to your team via Discord. With Yodel, you’ll also unlock next-generation features that will improve your phone communication.

Contact Center Features at Your Fingertips

Access next-generation features that are designed to help your team handle large volumes of inbound and outbound customer communications.

Personalized and Quick Response

Streamline your voice communication by integrating your phone system into the tools that your team loves. This will help you give more personalized, and efficient customer service.

Real-time Call Transcription

Call transcriptions can help you keep track of important information, and eliminates the need to take notes while on a call. Yodel’s voice transcription feature can be used to save your team time and helps improve the customer experience.

Call Forwarding and Handling

Yodel gives you access to call handling options such as call transferring, call commenting, and more within Discord that keep your agents connected with the ability to collaborate on calls in real-time.

Access Call Recordings and Voicemails

With Yodel you are able to record and store important call recordings and voicemails in an easy-to-access way.

Synchronized Data

Create a more centralized workspace by managing customer communication in one easy-to-access place. Integrating Yodel into Discord makes data easier to manage, saving your team time and eliminating unnecessary workflow pain points.

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Automate Your Business Phone System

  • Intelligent Voice IVR

    Improve the caller experience by routing incoming callers based on what they are saying, ensuring they go where they should right from the start

    Intelligent Voice IVR
    Intelligent Voice IVR

  • Voicemail Transcriptions

    Can’t listen to a voicemail right now? That’s no problem as you can have your voicemail messages automatically transcribed, allowing you to read any voicemail messages as text

    Voicemail Transcription
    Voicemail Transcription

  • Text Messages

    Use your business phone number to send your callers a text (SMS) message

    Text Messages
    Text Messages

  • Canned Responses

    Easily choose from a list of customizable canned responses that you can send to your callers, even when you can’t answer their call

  • Office Hours

    Make sure your callers always know when your team is available with customizable office hours

  • International Coverage

    Working with trusted local carriers gives you access to unparalleled phone quality across the globe

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How to Setup Yodel with Discord

  1. Start your free trial, and create your Yodel account
  2. Head to and select “Integrations” and connect to Zapier
  3. In your Zapier account choose the actions that you would like to integrate between Discord and Yodel
  4. Customize actions to best fit your team’s workflow, or use Yodel’s premade templates

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“We had previously tried another internet-based phone system, but had a lot of problems with it, to the point we almost gave up on the idea. There were tons of issues with the main one being the phone quality, which as a phone system is crucial. We were looking for something that works, and can help to support our sales team. Yodel does exactly that, and we really rely on their ability to integrate to Slack and Salesforce. We can help customers all over the globe who just signed up for our service, without any issues or delays.”

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