Bullhorn Integration with VoIP Phone System

If you are taking advantage of Bullhorn for your CRM services, then you’re going to love what happens when you combine Bullhorn with Yodel!

With our easy to use integration, you can get the most out of your CRM system and your business phone service.

**Bullhorn** Integration with VoIP Phone System

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We know you love your customers

You must if you are prioritizing your customer relationships by utilizing Bullhorn. We also know that you can see the advantages of streamlining your business processes, and love to take advantage of cloud technology.

We’re able to know all of that because of the tools you are already using. Well, we have one more tool that will help you FURTHER streamline your business processes, while giving you access to another cloud based solution.

With Yodel.io, you can unlock a Bullhorn VoIP integration that can help you do what you do, even better.

Enjoy the perks of a Business phone system with Bullhorn Integration with 14 day free trial.

Streamline your business phone system

We know that in the past, you may have been frustrated by having to juggle multiple business tools, and switch back and forth between platforms just to find the information you are looking for. It can also be frustrating when your information doesn’t sync across platforms, leaving you and your teammates confused about what information is up to date and accurate.

It’s time to streamline your communication, by combining your external communication channels with your internal channels.

You can now do so with Yodel.io! Yodel.io is a cloud based phone solution, and as we’re sure you know utilizing a cloud phone system can help you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase functionalities available
  • Enable remote and flexible working
  • Improve your workflows

Yodel.io is an intelligent business phone system that allows you to connect your phone to tools you are already using and love, such as Bullhorn. The best part? Yodel is a VoIP system, meaning that you will be taking advantage of an internet based phone. This can help you unlock crystal clear voice communication, among other benefits. Get even more benefits when you take advantage of a Bullhorn VoIP integration!

Ready to supercharge your phone system?
Enjoy your 14 day free trial.

Unlock new phone capabilities

Combining your CRM with Yodel can lead to a whole series of new capabilities for your team.

Synchronize your Bullhorn CRM candidates with Yodel contacts

You’ll never lose track of important prospects when your business phone can sync with your CRM. Yodel.io allows you to access a shared contact book for your entire team, which can be synchronized with Bullhorn to conveniently store information all in one place. This way, you never have to worry about contact information being correct, or badgering teammates to update their candidate information. Everyone can easily stay on the same page with Yodel.io.

Create tasks when a call is finished

You probably love your Bullhorn task functionalities. Tasks allow you to track specific actions that you plan to perform or have performed, and can include a wide range of things such as making phone calls and sending mail. You probably also love the wide range of retails that you can configure, such as assigning the task to other team members.

An easy way to streamline your process is to create tasks whenever a call in Yodel.io is made. For example, if you like to remind yourself to follow up a few days after a phone call with a prospect, then you can easily automate this process. With our integration, a Yodel.io call ending can automatically trigger a task being created, helping to automate processes you already have in place or are looking to add.

Add notes in Bullhorn CRM when a call is tagged in Yodel

Keep your information up to date across platforms. Whenever you tag a call in Yodel, which is a way to add customized information that can help you sort through previous calls, you can automatically have Bullhorn CRM updated with new notes. That way you won’t have to search across platforms for information, as it will always be consistent.

Yodel.io Benefits

Once you’ve started with Yodel, you won’t be able to live without our other incredible features. We chose a few of our favorites, but don’t worry we have a whole suite of intelligent features that can help your team.

Intelligent Voice IVR

Easily route your calls based on what your callers are saying in real time, instead of relying on outdated menu selections.

Text Messages

Unlock a new channel of communication with business SMS texting straight from your business phone number.

Voicemail Transcriptions

Have your voicemail messages automatically transcribed, making important information even more accessible.

Contact Synchronization

Quickly sync contacts from other lists and platforms, creating more unified communications
Intelligent Voice IVR

How to setup Yodel with Bullhorn CRM

We make it easy to get started with Yodel and Bullhorn. This way you can get started instantly, and unlock all of the new benefits for your team.

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Go to Zapier.com and login
  2. Search Yodel.io, and select the Bullhorn CRM integration
  3. Authorize access to share information, and get access to fully functioning integrations that are instantly ready to go!

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