Concurrent Parallel Calls From the Same Phone Number

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Concurrent Parallel Calls From the Same Phone Number

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What are Parallel Calls?

Parallel calls are a great way to add multitasking to your phone communication. With parallel calls you are able to pause a current call, initiate a new conversation, and then switch between the multiple ongoing calls.

Parallel calls work great alongside concurrent calls, a feature that allows calls to a single phone number to take place at the same time, often at the same location. If you have a business phone number this means that multiple team members can make and receive calls at the same time, without having to use individual numbers to do so.

A business phone system should give you access to making simultaneous calls. Yodel takes it a step further by giving you access to unlimited concurrent calls all from the same phone number.

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Benefits of Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Maximize efficiency

There’s no need to wait for the phone line to become available, or any waiting period to make calls. Instead you and your team can work simultaneously to maximize your team’s productivity.

Improved scalability

When your phone system can handle thousands of calls simultaneously through the same phone number, there’s no limit to how big your team can grow or how many calls you can handle.

Extend your reach

The ability to place an unlimited number of calls gives you the freedom to better leverage your phone communication to extend your business’ reach.

A call center with multiple agents
Make multiple calls at once from the same number with Yodel

How do concurrent and parallel calls work?

  • Your calls to agents ratio can be 1:1, for example if you have 10 available agents you can make 10 concurrent calls
  • Call quality will remain the same even as the amount of concurrent calls increases
  • Parallel calls can be paused, started, and resumed throughout the caller experience
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One Phone System, Infinite Possibilities

With Yodel you will have access to a robust business phone system that is easy for your whole team to use.

  • The technological advantage

    Yodel can equip your team with a powerful cloud-based phone system that gives you access to next generation features that can increase your productivity, efficiency, flexibility, and accessibility.

  • Your customizable phone system

    Why invest in a system if it can’t do it all? From text messaging capabilities, to integrating into the tools your team loves, Yodel is the full service, user friendly solution that you have been looking for.

  • Excellent customer support since day one

    We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers excel. With live chat support, continuous options for onboarding and training calls, and a responsive customer service team we make sure that your team is set up to succeed with Yodel.

    Picture of a call center
    A business phone system for your whole team

  • Smart automation features

    Auto attendants are great for businesses of all sizes who are looking to add the benefits of a receptionist without increasing their team size. Yodel’s smart automation features help your team deliver higher quality phone communications by automating portions of the call experience such as finding out caller intent, intelligent routing, and more.

  • A system you and your callers can trust

    With GDPR compliant standards, Yodel is always up to date with the latest global communication policies. Yodel also works with a global network of trusted carriers to ensure high quality service.

  • Unified communications possibilities

    Take advantage of our integration options to centralize your phone communication with the tools your team already loves to use. Streamline your communication and create a more efficient workflow with Yodel.

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    Designate Admin, Member, and Guest roles to help your team have access to everything they need.

  3. Make And Receive Calls

    Take advantage of our Slack integration, or use our Web, Desktop, or Mobile apps! With plenty of options, your team can choose the system that works best for them!

  4. Track And Record Calls

    Use features such as call logs, and reports to monitor your call data.


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Jenny Encheagaray
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Christopher Supnig
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Tom Winter
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Yodel has been a partner to us since day 1. As our Concierge Team has scaled over the years, so has Yodel's product. They've supported us in building meaningful relationships with our Recipients, which is part of our team's mission.

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