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Managing incoming calls has never been easier! Customize the call queuing experience for your customers, helping you give your inbound callers a more satisfying experience.

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What is Call Queue Management

A call queue is simply a way to organize incoming calls when your live agents aren’t able to immediately address the call.

An incoming call is typically greeted by either a welcome message or a live receptionist, before being connected to the appropriate live agent. If there is no live agent available, then the call will be added to the call queue, where they will wait until the call can be appropriately routed.

Call queue management is a way to use your phone system to more effectively address the needs of your callers, and the call queue. Set music or play a recorded message for your callers to hear while waiting, as well as give them options to exit the queue to be routed to your voicemail. With Yodel, you can even send customizable messages updating your callers in the queue.

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Why Should I Use Call Queuing?

  • Manage surges in the flow of incoming calls without increasing available staff.
  • Better direct calls by routing callers to the appropriate agents.
  • Reduce the frequency of missed calls by giving callers the option to wait for an available agent.
  • Create a more satisfying caller experience by customizing your call queue to fit your business needs.

Call Queueing and the Caller Experience

At the end of the day, your business wants to invest in things that can help improve your team’s workflow and improve your caller experience. With call queueing, you are able to do exactly that without adding any complicated processes. Yodel is able to deliver all the following benefits and more, with an easy-to-use system that your team and callers will love!

Personalize The Wait

With call queue management, you’re able to customize the waiting experience for your callers. Set up a greeting message that can play to your callers during their time in the queue. This message can include relevant or valuable information that can help your callers learn more about current promotions, call queue options, and more. You can also send them messages letting callers in the queue know that you value their time, and will be answering their call as soon as possible.

Customize How Long Your Customers Wait

Nothing is more frustrating for your callers than to be stuck on hold for an unlimited period of time, especially with no updates or alternatives. Configure your call queue to have a maximum wait time a caller could spend in the queue. If they reach the maximum, callers can be routed automatically to voicemail.

Languages and Songs

The call queue can be configured in over 30+ languages, helping your team access call queue management no matter where you and your customers are calling from. Further, customize the experience with options to add music to your callers' wait time!

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Other Great Features

Get the most out of your call queueing management system with Yodel! Yodel is able to offer complimentary features that will elevate your call queue management experience, and elevate your phone communication.

  • Live Call Recording: Yodel gives you access to a secure, accessible, and easy-to-use call recording system for your business.
  • Voicemail Transcriptions: Yodel records voicemails as both audio recordings and displayed in a text format.
  • Warm Transfers: Take advantage of team collaboration, by having the option to speak to your teammates before transferring a call.
  • IVR: Start your contact center process by routing callers based on what they are saying, instead of selecting numbers from a menu.


How To Set Up Call Queueing With Yodel

  1. Sign up, and get started with Yodel!
  2. Configure your welcome message and call routing
  3. Enable your on-hold announcements
  4. Set up your voicemail, and send to voicemail features

Just like that, it can really be that easy!

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Integrations Your Team Will Love

Get more from your phone system by integrating Yodel into software that your team can’t live without.

  • Slack: If your team lives in Slack, you will love adding your phone communication to one centralized location.
  • Drift: Integrating your phone system with Drift lets you start voice calls directly in the Drift chat, without needing a phone number.
  • Zapier: Connect Yodel to over 1000 different apps that you may be already using by integrating into Zapier.
  • Integromat: Automate your workflow even further by connecting your business cloud phone service, with Integromat.

Check out our integrations for Dialogflow, QnA Maker, and take advantage of our custom webhooks!

Streamline your business processes by combining Yodel with your CRM software, SaaS tools, and more.

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“Yodel provides the possibility for our remote team to be available via a single phone number where everyone can take calls as they come in. The phone is a very important support channel for us and Yodel provides the bridge to Slack (our communications hub). We especially rely on the voice recording of incoming calls, to quickly route calls to the correct department.”

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