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Cloud Based **Call Monitoring Software** for Small Business

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What is Call Monitoring Software?

Your phone communication is able to differentiate your business from the competition in a big way. Customers are looking for high-quality customer service, and call monitoring helps your team deliver on that.

Call Monitoring Software

Call monitoring software is a system of features that help you manage, train, and support your team as they handle live calls. Giving your team access to next-generation features allows your team to see maximum benefits from call monitoring processes. If you are looking to deliver high-quality phone communication every time your team picks up the phone, then a phone system with call monitoring could be the perfect solution for your team.

Why is it Important for SMEs and Call Centers?

Call monitoring can deliver important benefits for SMEs and call centers. Taking advantage of call monitoring can give your business a competitive edge that shows your customers how much you value them, and their time.

  • Improve the customer experience

Customer satisfaction is paramount to the overall customer experience and can set your phone communication apart from your competitors. Whether your team is receiving calls from concerned customers or placing outgoing calls to follow up on any issues, your callers want to know that their issues will be resolved. With call monitoring features, you can help your team resolve issues faster, convey important information, and provide swift resolutions to any customer concerns.

  • Enhance collaborative work

Call monitoring tools include call whispering, call commenting, and other ways to help teammates who are on a live call. This can all be done without your callers hearing, helping to avoid confusion and create a cohesive call experience. Collaborate with your teammates to help provide top-tier phone service.

  • Upgrade your team training

Preparing your live agents to handle a variety of situations is crucial to providing consistent and efficient support. With call monitoring, agents in training are able to listen to complex calls and learn from more experienced agents. Supervisors can also listen in to new teammates, in order to ensure they are providing accurate support.

Get Your Business Phone System with Cloud Based Call Monitoring Software

How does a Cloud-Based Call Monitoring Software Work?

A cloud-based call monitoring system gives you all the benefits of call monitoring, with the added benefits and capabilities of a cloud phone system. With a cloud-based phone system, your team can see increased savings, flexibility, and quality control. Getting your cloud-based call monitoring software up and running is an easy process that your team can learn and start benefiting from right away.

  1. Get started and sign up with Yodel
  2. Activate a new number, or port in your existing business phone number
  3. Activate call recording capabilities
  4. Access all your important call information in the admin dashboard! This includes the duration of calls, call participants, call recording, and more.

Yodel makes it easy to get more from your business phone communication, right from the start. With a seamless onboarding process to an easy-to-use system, your team can start benefiting from call monitoring software today.

Yodel Call Monitoring Features

Integrate your call monitoring features right into your phone system for a seamless call experience for your callers and your teammates.

Call Whispering

Give your teammates relevant information while they are on a call, without the caller hearing.

Call Commenting

Easily make notes about an active call that can be shared with your teammates.

Call Conferencing

Incoming calls can be joined by multiple team members, allowing for seamless collaboration.

Call Recording

Start, pause, or stop call recording during an active call in order to capture important call details.
Call Whispering

Find out more about the features available with your Call Monitoring Software

The Frictionless Phone Calling System For Your Team

Get the Most from Your Business Phone

Yodel is a system that is easy to implement and use, helping your team see the value right from the start.

Yodel’s Integrated Business Phone System Integrations

Yodel is the multidimensional phone solution built for teams who want to deliver high-quality voice communication, without an overly complicated system. With Yodel, you are able to access call monitoring in addition to next-generation features that are built to create a seamless voice communication experience.

As a cloud-based phone system Yodel is able to help you establish unified communications, giving you access to your business phone system from anywhere you have an internet connection. Enable remote and flexible working, and unlock a high-tech phone solution

Easily integrate Yodel into software that your team already loves in order to get the most out of your business tools. It is easy to connect Yodel across platforms like Slack, Drift, Zapier, Integromat, and more.

Yodel is the holistic business phone solution that your team has been searching for.

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$25 per month/user

Access features that help you and your team provide a high quality phone experience for your callers, while letting you better organize and integrate your phone communications.
  • Main VoIP features included
  • Slack integration
  • Free number porting
  • One number per user included

$35 per month/user

On top of the Premium features, Premium Plus customers will get access to exclusive integrations and additional support from our team. Best for scaling teams!
  • Premium support
  • Intercom integration
  • SIP support for your hardware devices
  • Connects to your existing PBX
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