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It has never been easier for your website visitors to connect with your team when you take advantage of Click to Call.

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The Importance of Calls in Modern Times

Voice communication is still just as relevant today as it has ever been. While some companies have foregone live voice communication and replaced them with email submission forms and AI chatbots, customers still actively seek out voice communication.

There is no business tool that is better when it comes to fixing customer issues, building long-term relationships, and setting your business apart from the competition.

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What is a ‘Call-Us-Now’ Button?

Known as a “Call-Us-Now” button, “Click to Call”, or simply a “Call Button”, these website widgets let your visitors call a business by easily clicking a button or text.

Adding a Click to Call button to your website makes your business phone even more accessible to your website visitors. Adding a click-to-call button to your website gives your customers a direct link to your telephone number.

Your Call-Us-Now widget can be set up as a button, positioned anywhere on your website which gives you the option to pick the best design for your homepage.

Benefits of a Call Button

Make your customers’ lives easier

When all it takes is one click to get in contact with your team, it has never been more convenient for your callers to get in touch with you!

Increase incoming calls

The increased convenience combined with the prominence of the number will help lead to more inbound calls coming to your business.

Improve customer experience

Effective phone communication can lead to better customer relationships and improved customer experience.

Add a Yodel Call Button to your Website

Yodel is designed to make business phone communication easier than ever, including setting up your call button through Yodel!

  1. Open your Yodel account and click on the phone number menu page
  2. Click “create new web button”
  3. Easily copy and paste the code generated by Yodel to your website
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Get More Out of Your Phone System with Yodel

A Click to Call button is just one way that you can leverage your business phone system. With Yodel, you are able to access next-generation features, seamless integrations, and all the benefits a cloud-phone system has to offer. It’s no wonder thousands of companies trust Yodel as their business phone provider!

Yodel Call Features

  • Easy to Get Started

    With Yodel’s easy implementation you’re able to get your phone system up and running in minutes!

  • Access Unparalleled Integrations

    If your team lives in Slack, can’t survive without their CRM software, loves their SaaS tools, or all of the above, Yodel is the system for you!

  • Voice Transcription

    Just one of many features designed to make phone communication easier than ever. Yodel will automatically transcribe incoming calls and voicemails, and store them for easy review.

  • Voice IVR

    Yodel will intelligently route callers based on what they are saying in real-time, making sure that your callers get where they need to right from the start.

    Voice IVR
    Voice IVR in Slack

  • Business Text Messaging

    Communicate over SMS messages to your callers, via your business phone number, helping you stay in communication even if you can’t answer the phone.

Business Text Messaging
Business Text Messaging (SMS) in Slack

And more! Check out our full list of features here.

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“Yodel provides the possibility for our remote team to be available via a single phone number where everyone can take calls as they come in. The phone is a very important support channel for us and Yodel provides the bridge to Slack (our communications hub). We especially rely on the voice recording of incoming calls, to quickly route calls to the correct department.”

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