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Amazing and unique features

Basics – It's a phone system

Next Generation Features

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    Voicemail Transcription

    Yodel records voicemails as both audio recordings and displayed in a text format so you can either read or listen to all incoming voicemails.

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    Start, Stop, and Resume Call Recording

    Your team can easily decide when to record calls, and when to not.

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    Forward to Phone

    Need to leave the office while on a call? Forward the call to your cell to continue your conversation.

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    Real-Time Notifications

    Get notifications as they happen, so you never have to worry about.

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    Ring on Speaker

    With the Yodel desktop app, calls get announced on your computer with a real ring.

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    Contact Synchronization

    Quickly synch contacts from other lists and platforms, eliminating the tedious task of copying over information.

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    Call Monitoring

    Yodel displays all information on an active call, so everyone can be on the same page.

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    Call Whispering

    Give your colleague relevant information about the call while they are speaking to the caller.

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    Call Commenting

    Make notes about an active call and share this information with your team.

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    Get reports on all call data in your Yodel dashboard.

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    Call Filters

    Quickly direct calls to the right people, and block calls that aren’t relevant to your business.

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    30+ Languages Numbers

    Yodel supports over 30+ languages, giving global access to internet phone system software.

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    Shared Address Book

    All users will be able to add to one shared address book, preventing confusion across colleagues.

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    Block Numbers

    With Yodel you can easily block numbers at your own discretion.

Yodel Apps and more

  • Desktop Notifications

    Yodel won’t let you ever miss any incoming calls with notifications sent directly to your desktop.

  • User Based Notification

    Easily have notifications set to alert specific users of incoming calls.

  • In-App Forwarding

    Quickly forward calls to other users all in one place, saving your customers valuable time.

  • Chrome Extension

    Add the Yodel extension to Chrome for easy website screening, creating convenient click to dial.

  • Firefox Extension

    Add the Yodel extension to Firefox for easy website screening, creating convenient click to dial.

  • SIP Support

    Want a desk phone? Yodel can be linked to physical phones, like in the old times.


  • Virtual Phone System

    Yodel is an internet based phone system, letting you easily make and receive calls from any laptop, smart device, or hardware phones.

  • Access Rights

    Yodel allows you to customize user access, and decide who has access to different information.

  • Text to Speech

    With Yodel you can type in responses to customers, which will be conveniently turned into speech.

  • Voice Transcription

    Yodel will automatically transcribe incoming calls and voicemails, and store them for easy review.

  • Webhooks and API

    Easily share information gathered by Yodel about calls to 3rd party tools.

  • SaaS Integration

    Connect your phone to any other business tool your company is using to share all relevant information with each other.

  • CRM Integration

    Easily combine your phone system with your CRM software to have all incoming customer data in the same place.

  • Live Activity Feed

    Yodel allows you to easily see in real time which users are on a call, calls that are coming in, and the length of current calls.

  • Computer Telephony Integration CTI

    Easily navigate and control all your business phone activities directly from your computer with your SaaS integrations .


  • Global Network

    Yodel works with trusted local carriers to guarantee the best possible call quality.

  • Call Quality Warnings

    If the connectivity slows on an active call, Yodel will alert you of the change in quality.

  • Encrypted Calls

    All data and information is securely stored, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

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    All of Yodel’s systems comply with EU laws on data protection and privacy, including a GDPR friendly call recording.

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