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Features for your team

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Amazing and unique features

Voice IVR

Route callers based on what they are saying instead of letting them “press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Support, …”

Call Screening

Yodel answers your calls and transcribes the caller’s intent so you always know who is calling and why they are calling.

Canned Responses

No time to answer the call? Choose from customizable canned responses to send your caller a voice message.

Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Latest technology trends are used to deliver high quality speech recognition to automate your calls.

Call Recording

Activate call recording for your phone number. You can also activate/deactivate a recording during an active call.

Easy Configuration

Get your phone system up and running in minutes. No complicated adoption from your previous business phone.

Browser Extensions for Click to Dial

Any phone number that is displayed in your browser is changed to a link to directly call the number.


Take advantage of streamlined workflows by connecting Yodel your software tools.


Add customizable tags to your calls to help give them description, and to easily search and sort through your categorized calls.

Call Button on Website

Give your website visitors a way to directly call you without displaying a phone number.

iPhone and iPad App

Make and receive calls from your business phone on your iPhone and iPad. Incoming calls will directly ring your devices.

Desktop App for MacOS and Windows

Use Yodel natively on your computer with the desktop apps.

Basics – It’s a phone system

International Phone Numbers

Create a phone number in your local area, available in over 100 countries.

Toll-Free Numbers

Easily have access to toll-free numbers in your local area.

Text Messages (SMS)

Yodel lets you send customers who call a text-message, easily responding if you can’t get to the phone.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Make and receive unlimited parallel calls on the same phone number, at the same time.

Welcome Message

Set up a customizable welcome message to greet all of your incoming callers.

Music on Hold

Yodel allows you to set up music for your callers to hear, if they are put on hold.

Call Queueing

Line busy right now? Not a problem as calls are quickly added to a queue until they can be answered.


Record or write a customized message for your customers to hear if they are sent to voicemail.

Office Hours

Quickly let your customers know when your team is and isn’t available for calls. The caller will get sent to voicemail when calling outside of the office hours.

Ring Groups

Yodel lets you set customizable groups, who will all get notified of incoming calls relevant to that group.


Yodel lets your whole team easily see incoming calls, and be able to join or listen to a call whenever needed.

Call Log

Yodel will conveniently save all of your calls in a call log that can easily be searched through.

Text Message (SMS) Log

Easy access to all of your text messages in a log that can easily be searched through.

On Hold

Yodel allows you to put your callers on hold during a call, giving you time to find the right answer.

Call Transfer

No need to waste time transferring calls, Yodel will let you put your caller on hold until another user picks up the call.

Warm Transfer

Yodel gives you the option to speak to your teammates before transferring a call.


Set up a convenient menu for incoming callers, with simple and customizable options.

Next Generation Features

Voicemail Transcription

Yodel records voicemails as both audio recordings and displayed in a text format so you can either read or listen to all incoming voicemails.

Start, Stop, and Resume Call Recording

Your team can easily decide when to record calls, and when to not.

Forward to Phone

Need to leave the office while on a call? Forward the call to your cell to continue your conversation.

Real-Time Notifications

Get notifications as they happen, so you never have to worry about.

Ring on Speaker

With the Yodel desktop app, calls get announced on your computer with a real ring.

Contact Synchronization

Quickly synch contacts from other lists and platforms, eliminating the tedious task of copying over information.

Call Monitoring

Yodel displays all information on an active call, so everyone can be on the same page.

Call Whispering

Give your colleague relevant information about the call while they are speaking to the caller.

Call Commenting

Make notes about an active call and share this information with your team.


Get reports on all call data in your Yodel dashboard.

Call Filters

Quickly direct calls to the right people, and block calls that aren’t relevant to your business.

30+ Languages Numbers

Yodel supports over 30+ languages, giving global access to internet phone system software.

Shared Address Book

All users will be able to add to one shared address book, preventing confusion across colleagues.

Block Numbers

With Yodel you can easily block numbers at your own discretion.

Yodel Apps and more

Desktop Notifications

Yodel won’t let you ever miss any incoming calls with notifications sent directly to your desktop.

User Based Notification

Easily have notifications set to alert specific users of incoming calls.

In-App Forwarding

Quickly forward calls to other users all in one place, saving your customers valuable time.

Chrome Extension

Add the Yodel extension to Chrome for easy website screening, creating convenient click to dial.

Firefox Extension

Add the Yodel extension to Firefox for easy website screening, creating convenient click to dial.

SIP Support

Want a desk phone? Yodel can be linked to physical phones, like in the old times.


Virtual Phone System

Yodel is an internet based phone system, letting you easily make and receive calls from any laptop, smart device, or hardware phones.

Access Rights

Yodel allows you to customize user access, and decide who has access to different information.

Text to Speech

With Yodel you can type in responses to customers, which will be conveniently turned into speech.

Voice Transcription

Yodel will automatically transcribe incoming calls and voicemails, and store them for easy review.

Webhooks and API

Easily share information gathered by Yodel about calls to 3rd party tools.

SaaS Integration

Connect your phone to any other business tool your company is using to share all relevant information with each other.

CRM Integration

Easily combine your phone system with your CRM software to have all incoming customer data in the same place.

Live Activity Feed

Yodel allows you to easily see in real time which users are on a call, calls that are coming in, and the length of current calls.

Computer Telephony Integration CTI

Easily navigate and control all your business phone activities directly from your computer with your SaaS integrations .


Global Network

Yodel works with trusted local carriers to guarantee the best possible call quality.

Call Quality Warnings

If the connectivity slows on an active call, Yodel will alert you of the change in quality.

Encrypted Calls

All data and information is securely stored, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Connect to your favourite tools

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