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The People Behind Yodel

Mario Uher

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Isn’t it always fascinating to see the faces behind a company? Those people who make your favorite tool reliable on a daily basis. Who are those people? — The brains who had the idea, the creators of the product, and the ones who form the core of the company?

Well, we want to disclose this (not so well kept) secret and introduce you to our Yodel team aka Yodelettes and Yodelers! Throughout the time span of seven weeks, we will dedicate each week to one of our Yodel team members.

Our headcount is seven and we come from various backgrounds. And exactly this is making our team such a unique one. We all born and raised in Austria but at this point in time, we are literally all over the map.

So what brought all those individuals together?

This is best answered by the founding story of Yodel:

Well, the three Co-founders Mike, David, and Mario were already working together in the past. After knowing each other for years, they were ready to build a new team and found a startup with a new and innovative approach.

Our idea was to build a product through our expertise that would solve a problem we have had for years. We are fundamentally a remote team that struggled with centralized communication. When someone called our business phone line, we played the game ‘who picks up first, loses’. So we came up with the concept of combining our know-how in telecommunications and bot development to build a Slack voice bot for the business phone. And this is how Yodel was born.

Look out for our individual interviews in the upcoming weeks!

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Meet Mario, Co-Founder, and CTO at Yodel
Name: Mario Uher
Twitter: @ream88
Current City of Operation: Linz, Austria
Hobbies: longboarding and being a foodie

Meet Andre, Developer at Yodel
Name: Andre Savic
Twitter: @mcandy007
Current City of Operation:Trausdorf an der Wulka, Austria
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Name: Nina Hödlmayr
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Name: Silke English
Twitter: @paistetta
Current City of Operation: Villach, Austria
Hobbies: traveling, music, and spending time with my loved ones

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Name: David Heininger
Twitter: @davidteeh
Current City of Operation: Vienna, Austria
Hobbies: hiking, cooking, theme parties

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Name: Mike Heininger
Twitter: @mikeseeh
Current City of Operation: Schoenau an der Triesting, Austria
Hobbies: photography, hiking with my family

Meet Sebastian, Head of Development at Yodel
Name: Sebastian Plagemann
Twitter: @sabbbel
Current City of Operation: Vienna, Austria
Hobbies: running, watching TV shows, mountain biking

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