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· 2 min read listed on the Slack App Directory as a recommended app from their staff listed on the Slack App Directory as a recommended app from their staff

Hands down, who doesn’t love Slack?

That one communication tool that brings internal business communication to the next level. Fewer emails, more efficient and creative ways to communicate with your coworkers and teams. That’s right up our alley!

You ain’t using a fax machine anymore, why are you still using a desk phone or mobile phone to talk to your callers?

Slack is all about being flexible, working remotely, and yet still have all the information of your team on one common ground. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your phone calls right with you in the channels that you are already communicating in?! In case you missed out until now, Yodel does exactly this for you and your team!

Enrich your Slack toolkit and make some space next to your Gif Keyboard and other essential apps that are fun to use, with integrating the first phone system that took it on to make phone calls more collaborative and easier to deal with.

In combination with Slack, Yodel has some pretty neat features to offer:

Yodel is creating — just like Slack does — a new generation of team communication and collaboration for any kind of business.

You can find the recommended apps in the Slack App Directory here: Add Apps to Slack | Apps and Integrations

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