Real Relationships with Virtual Clients

If you work with virtual clients, I’m guessing at one point or another you have found yourself struggling to create a meaningful relationship.

Olivia Maier

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It’s understandable, but gone are the days that you can depend on in-person client meetings to form a bond with your clients. Instead, you might have clients all over the world, or ones who are down the street but are never available for in-person meetings.

But, in a world where 9 out of 10 businesses are competing mainly on customer experience, there has to be SOME way to reach those virtual clients, right?

We agree, which is why we’ve put together some of our favorite tips to help you connect better with your virtual clients and improve your overall customer satisfaction.

Host virtual events

One way to step up your virtual client relationships is to host different types of virtual events, and invite your clients! Here are a couple of different types that can help you connect:

  • Town Halls & Webinars
  • 1 on 1 meetings
  • Industry based round tables

TOWN HALLS & WEBINARS are perfect for any big announcements that impact all of your clients, and are a great way to share any good news! This way, your clients will be able to hear any news from actual people, instead of reading an emotionless email. To take it one step further you can leave room for Q&As, suggestions, and other interactions. You can also record the meetings so any clients who are busy can access them whenever it is convenient for them!

INDUSTRY BASED ROUNDTABLES can help you to create a community within your client base. Connecting clients who are all in the same industry can help them network with each other, and learn new applications of your product. It can also provide you with feedback that can help you cater to specific industries in the future! You also will be providing another level of value to your clients by offering these round tables, showing them that you are willing to go above and beyond for them!

1 ON 1 MEETINGS are a great way to connect with individual clients. You can center these around demos for new products or features, Q&As, feedback sessions, etc. It is great because you can form bonds with clients on a personal level, and directly hear how they feel about you. The important thing is to take any feedback and do your best to follow up on it. Even if the suggestion can’t be acted on immediately, just letting them know that you passed it along will let them know that they are being heard!

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Think outside the box

Take advantage of small things that you can do, to show your clients that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them. Here are some examples we love!

  • Consider starting a blog or using other social media, and connect with your clients. You can see the type of content that they typically post, what they value, and you can use that information to provide them with better service.
  • Find ways to take notes and organize your previous conversations. That way you can brush up on client history and add personal touches to your interactions!
  • Set reminders to check in with your clients, whether that’s standing bi-monthly meetings or just a friendly email. This way your clients know you’re thinking of them, and want to be available for them.
  • Set goals with your clients, and follow up on them! You can incorporate fun rewards, different certificates, or use that data internally. That way you know you’re on the same page, and can bond over meeting goals together.

How we can help

We love that our amazing features can help you get started connecting with your virtual clients today! Having reliable phone communication that ALSO is able to record, transcript, and organize client information really helps you step up your client relationships. We can also help support different types of virtual events, whether its a client one on one, or a call with the whole team. If you’re interested and seeing more posts on exactly how we are able to help you connect with virtual clients, let us know!

All of these tips are just the starting point of a world of possibilities. Have you already put anything into practice to help build relationships with virtual clients? We’d love to hear from you, and what you’re doing to let your clients know how much you care!

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