How to Start Growing While on the Go

Looking for a new remote worker might seem like it is a more complicated process than hiring in a more traditional office. In reality it can only open you up to more hiring opportunities that can help you find the right team member.
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

If you haven’t already read the first two parts of our Growing While on the Go, we’d recommend you taking a look at them now!

The first post will provide details on why growing your remote team is a beneficial growth tactic, and the second post gave three things to consider before you start looking for a new team member. Reading these posts first will give you the best ability to take advantage of this week’s advice!

That’s why this week’s installment will focus on best practices for remote teams during the hiring process.

We wanted to include three easily implementable tactics that can help you effectively grow your team.

Here are three things to consider when you are actively seeking out a new employee for your remote team:

1. Job board strategies

Since you would have already defined your priorities, you can now tailor your job listing to be a reflection of what your team has determined to be the most important qualities in a new employee.

When looking for new remote team members, there are a couple job board strategies that you can be using to help reach the right type of candidates.

  • Set the posting location to large, general locations such as entire countries or regions such as “Europe” or “The United States” if you prefer your remote workers to have similar working hours
  • Set the posting location to be “flexible” or “remote” if you are open to remote workers who may be working in other time zones
  • In the header mention explicitly that this is a remote position to avoid attracting candidates who aren’t interested in a fully remote position
  • Post to both general job boards, and remote specific job boards to widen you search

2. Consider an asynchronous hiring process

If you are considering candidates who will be working remotely from a location with a vastly different time zone, it doesn’t always make logistical sense to have a traditional interview. This shouldn’t hold you back from considering these candidates as there are many asynchronous hiring options available. These can include using a hiring software with timed questions and video responses, or general prompts for your candidates to video record responses, retake and edit video then upload to the system on their own time.

3. Use referrals to assess “good fit” values

Now that you have already determined what a good fit will look like for your team, you need to figure out if your candidates match up with that.

It can sometimes be hard to tell from an interview if candidates are genuinely a good fit for your team, or if they are just agreeing with the traits you have mentioned as being important. This is especially true for the remote hiring process. That is where referrals can be very helpful. Calling or emailing their referrals to understand if the candidates align with the traits you have determined as important to succeed in your team can help you pinpoint the best candidate.

These three tactics build upon the work you have already done before even starting the hiring practice.

By combining it with the best practices for hiring a new member of a remote team, you will surely find the perfect candidate.

Once you have that candidate identified it is important to set them up for success with a comprehensive onboarding process.

That is why our last installment in this series will focus on the best onboarding practices for remote teams. Come back to our blog next week, or check our social media to stay up to date on when that final post will go live!

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