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Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

A phone system for your business should help you do what you do best. The best phone system though will be the one that helps you do what you do best, in an even better way than before.

That’s where we can come in. Yodel is a system that is designed to help you and your team save in many different ways. This comes in different forms, but no matter what kind of saving your team is doing, we know it is helping you do what you do best, even better than before.

Here are just some of the ways that Yodel can help you and your business save!

Save time

Yodel can help your business save time in a couple of key ways. One of the most obvious is by reducing the amount of phone-related distractions that your business has to deal with.

Picture it, when you’re in the zone getting work done nothing is worse than being interrupted by a call only to find out that it is a spam caller.

Yodel can help eliminate spam calls, and even take that one step further. Our phone system can intelligently route callers to the right team members from the start, meaning no one has to be interrupted for calls that aren’t relevant to them.

Yodel can also help your team increase its efficiency while on calls. You can easily pull up caller information, client history, or relevant information while on a live call. This reduces the need to call someone back with the right information later on.

Save money

As a VoIP system, Yodel can help you save money from the start by eliminating the need for a phone line, and by decreasing the amount of money that you spend on phone maintenance. But the money savings don’t stop there!

By integrating into systems that your team is already using, Yodel helps you get more for your money’s worth. Yodel is also priced in a way that gives your team access to all of the features they could be looking for, without being unattainable to businesses of any size.

Save data securely

With next-generation features like voicemail transcription, call transcription, call tagging, and caller reports, you want to be sure that your information is being saved in a secure way.

That is why Yodel uses European GDPR standards for compliant call recording, ensuring all of our systems are up to date with laws on data protection and privacy.

Yodel loves to help your business save BIG, and in as many ways as possible. How long have you been saving with Yodel? If you aren’t already, get started with our free trial today!

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