5 Ultimate Tips on Working Remotely

Silke English

Silke English

3 min read

Note: The following article is written for remote workers. Of course, you can still have a peek at it even if you are not working remotely. Here at Yodel, we don’t believe in excluding people. ;-)

We all know the struggle of working from home. It all may sound fun and games to people who never worked from home, but to those who have or still are, know what we are talking about. On some days it is just harder to work from home than having to go into an office. Scheduling your own day can be tricky and staying away from distraction even trickier. That’s why we put together our hacks for successfully working remotely!

1. Have a quiet place to work

I know you have read this one before, but having a quiet place that is solely dedicated to your work is tremendously helpful. You will have far more motivation when sitting on your work-desk than on your couch. The couch might be comfy but usually, the productivity is not the same and distractions come far more easily along the way.

2. Clean your desk after work

It may be true that some people prefer to work in chaos but those unicorns are very rare. If you clean your desk in the evening, it is pleasant to start your workday. Clutters of sticky notes with already done to-do’s are extra distracting and steal your focus on your daily tackles.

3. Block websites that eat up your time

If you don’t work in social media marketing, install a tool that blocks your social media accounts or other websites, which distract you from being productive during work hours. Even if you think you look at these sites for just a few minutes a day, it most likely ends up in more minutes than originally estimated. Look for an extension for your web browser that lets you block websites for a certain amount of time during your productivity peaks.

4. Set yourself daily or weekly goals

This sounds easier than it is but it is worth the work! Having deadlines to meet is a component of every remote job. Setting little daily or weekly goals that lead up to those deadlines, is a great way of achieving things in time. By using weekly timesheet templates, you can track your results as per week, schedule the whole tasks and create your visual overview. This will make procrastination a lot harder and you will feel awesome after ticking off your to-do’s!

5. Plan in some time to interact with your teammates

Working remotely can become dull and you may feel disconnected from your team. Plan some time during the day, where you interact actively with your co-workers. Most likely your company has set up some rituals already where this is handled but if not, take it into your hands to ask what your teammates are doing.

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