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Yodel + Zapier — A magical combination

Connecting your phone number to automate calls has never been easier before!
Silke English

Silke English

4 min read

You love using Yodel but wished we would integrate it into your favorite tool to automate your workflows? Maybe it’s Trello, Zendesk, HubSpot, or Evernote? And you just can’t wait any longer for us to build your favorite integration?

Wait no longer!! Yodel is now integrating with Zapier — the platform that lets you connect tools to over 1000 apps.

This sounds magical but in practice, it’s just a bunch of very dedicated product people who made this happen (let’s give some love to Yodel’s development team and to Zapier for making this possible in the first place ❤️).

But you might still wonder how this all works? We’ve listed the most popular Zaps to help you get a glimpse of what you can do with this powerful combination.

Yodel + Evernote

Don’t we love being organized, having our to-do lists, tasks, and plans all nice and neat in our Evernote? It gives us the feeling of having everything figured out and actually knowing what we’re doing.

So now, you can save all your finished and missed calls automatically in your Evernote. And no, it’s not just a plain call log showing the number that called and when they called. If you’re making use of Yodel’s Ask for reason or canned responses, you will see a whole documentation of what the caller needed.

Yodel + Zendesk

This is a Zap that will hopefully let every Customer Happiness manager skip a beat (depends on how committed you are to keeping your customers happy 🙂).

Does your company display your business number on your website? Then you can be sure that customers prefer calling you rather than writing an email for urgent cases.

As a responsible Customer Happiness manager, you answer the call and want to help immediately. But most requests need to be processed anyways via email. So at the bottom line, you need to manually create a ticket for that customer to have the information saved in your Zendesk account. Double the work, same output. Quite frustrating, right? But worry no more! This Zap lets Yodel create tickets in your Zendesk for finished and missed calls. So you can still work the phone calls like a pro without having the manual work!

HubSpot + Yodel

We are investing a lot of time and resources to keep our CRM tool in good shape. Updating existing contacts, creating new ones, and adding every last detail to make sure that we have all the necessary information about our customer base. But we often forget to add this new information to the other apps we are using. So we are adding a new contact to HubSpot but totally miss to add this person to our Yodel contacts. And the next time this person calls, we anyways have no idea of who is calling in the first place… And does it look more professional to greet the caller directly with their name rather than the typical “welcome to company XYZ, who am I speaking to”? Exactly 😉

This problem is dead and gone with only one Zap! As soon as a HubSpot contact is updated or freshly created, this information will get saved in your Yodel contacts. And you will be one step ahead if your customer is calling your Yodel line.

This works by the way with any CRM that connects to Zapier.

Yodel + Discord

This Zap is for all our customers who prefer Discord as a chat tool. Discord was built for gamers to chat but more and more teams are switching over to this communication platform. So why not also have Yodel live in your Discord account? Once someone calls your Yodel number, the call is being announced in Discord. Just click the Yodel link and you can answer a call… Pretty neat, right?

Yodel + Email

I almost not dare say it but there are still people out there who like to receive emails and use them as their own to-do list. I will definitely not judge, but rather announce that you can now add your missed calls to this to-do list. Let’s say someone calls your Yodel number and gets forwarded to your voicemail… Once the call ended, you will receive an email with the information about who called and which voicemail they left. So you can decide to call back or not. The decision’s all yours (also to switch from email to a real to-do tool… just a personal recommendation 😉).

These Zaps are just a small idea of what you can do. Connect Yodel to your business tools and see for yourself what’s possible!

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