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Yodel takes over your Customer Support

Mario Uher

· 2 min read

We want to make your lives easier when it comes to phone calls. Most importantly, we think that many phone calls could easily get automatically handled with the nowadays available technology.

However, this is still a dream when it comes to business phones so of course, we want to be the first ones to change this for you!

So what did we do? Yodel is now able to handle support calls autonomously!

Mind…wait for it… BLOWN!

Mind…wait for it… BLOWN!

How does this work?

Well, Yodel can integrate to a tool called ‘QnA Maker’ which transforms your Knowledge Base into an interactive conversation. You simply have to sign up for this tool, which is by the way free of cost, to match requests to your FAQs. Yodel syncs with your settings, so when someone calls and has a frequent question, Yodel can answer fully automated by reading out your matching FAQ.

What does this mean for you?

Whenever someone calls with a known question, you and your team do not get interrupted AT ALL. Yodel can answer the question by itself. And if the caller still has a question, or just needs to talk to a person, Yodel easily routes the call to your team, enabling you to only answer the phone when you are really needed.

Yodel answers fully automated, not bothering you with easy to handle questions.
Yodel answers fully automated, not bothering you with easy to handle questions.

To set up the QnA Maker and integrate it with Yodel, check out our help article.

QnA Maker is provided by Microsoft under Cognitive Services Terms. This free preview provides up to 10 transactions per minute, up to 10,000 transactions per month.

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