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Yodel presents the next BIG feature: Voice mail transcription

We are happy to introduce call log for our customers!

Mario Uher

· 2 min read

Who of you hasn’t dealt with this situation before: you have a missed phone call and the caller left a voicemail with tons of information. You have to write it all down: numbers, addresses, product information and so on. It’s a burden and not efficient AT ALL!

So, we thought of a way to make it more simple and convenient to work with, namely to automatically transcribe anything that your caller has left for you on the voicemail.

When you receive a voicemail you can now decide if you want to listen to it or just read the transcribed text!
When you receive a voicemail you can now decide if you want to listen to it, or just read the transcribed text!

This is a pretty neat feature, right?! You can still listen to the voicemail message, but now you can additionally read what the caller said. We also added a quality ranking so you know how accurate the transcribed text is to the actual voice message.

We also included different language options in the feature. So in addition to your main number, you can get for instance a German/French/Italian/etc. number on which your German/French/Italian/etc. clients can call you. For this use case, you can just change the language on your page by clicking on this respective number, and then on ‘Language for announcement’ select your desired language!

I don’t know about you, but for me missed calls are getting fun again! :)

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