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Yodel enables Canned Responses using Slack’s Message Menus

Silke English

Silke English

2 min read

Hey there, Message Menus were introduced by Slack earlier this week. This feature gives Slack users the ability to use clickable drop-down menus. Since Yodel users should get the best experience in Slack, Yodel integrated this feature right away.

Now you can answer a call with pre-written messages, also known as ‘canned responses’. You can set up these canned responses on your page. To help you save time, we have already added some examples to your account. Use them right away or customize these canned responses to fit your business' needs even better.

How to use canned responses on a call

As soon as a call comes in, Yodel answers it for you and can ask the caller who is calling and the reason for calling. As you are already familiar with this process, Yodel transcribes what the caller says and sends this in real-time right into your Slack channel.

Until now, Yodel asked you if you were busy and gave you the choice to click a button to send the caller right to your voicemail. Our new feature enables Yodel to give you more choices on how to manage the call.

From now on forward, you can let Yodel answer your calls with your pre-set welcome message, and then send saved or familiar looking numbers a personalized canned response instead of asking them for the reason for calling. A drop-down menu appears next to the ‘Send to Voicemail’ Button, which is labeled “Respond with…":

Screenshot of Yodel displaying canned responses in Slack channel
Screenshot of Yodel displaying canned responses in Slack channel

Click on it to open the drop-down and your canned responses will show. Choose one that fits the situation and Yodel will read it to your caller. This saves you lots of time and gives the caller a more personalized experience while reaching out to you.

Feel free to customize them and also add some new ones. 100 canned responses are the limit. This means that you can decide how many you need, to make your day-to-day calls easier to answer.

Don’t worry, you are still able to send a caller directly to voicemail on your super busy days.

Happy Yodeling and let us know which canned responses are useful to you in the comments below!

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