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The retro Yodel App is here!

Today, Yodel is launching its newest addition to the business phone system: the retro telephone booth app! This app will wow the hipster community as it connects the old school style of calling via phone booth with smart phones, and it works by inserting (virtual) coins into the telephone booth. Isn’t this so exciting?!

Mario Uher

· 1 min read

But to make the experience even more authentic, the user has to insert the right amount of coins, otherwise, the phone call will be cut when the limit has been reached.

On top of this amazing app, we also integrated a vintage phone book to give the user an absolutely perfect experience, and for the real die-hard fans of the bohemian lifestyle, Yodel also provides retro handsets that connect via cable to your iPhone that is covered with dirt and bad bacteria, just like the real telephone booth handsets!

We are convinced that this will be the new lifestyle app for the bearded, pierced, tattooed and lumberjack shirt wearing young urban, so what do you think?!

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