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Save time and never misdial a number with Yodel’s Chrome extension!

Click any number on any website and you will be dialling out with Yodel in a heartbeat!
Silke English

Silke English

1 min read

Initiate phone calls in less than 10 seconds!

On average, it takes 30 seconds to locate a number, dial it on your phone, double-check before you are connected. Cut out the dialing and double-checking part and save yourself valuable time and avoid misdialing. With the Yodel Chrome extension, you can make phone calls as easy as clicking on a link to a website!

Avoid the fear of misdialing!

It happened to the best of us: we dial a number, double-check, and still misdialed a digit. Never experience this pretty embarrassing feeling by starting to talk to a stranger that has no clue what you are talking about because you typed in the wrong digits. The Yodel Chrome extension is your best friend when it comes to calling from websites and docs!

Pro Tip: It works not only on websites and your CRM but also in your favourite G Suite program like Google Docs.

How it works after you downloaded the Yodel Chrome extension in the Chrome Web Store:

  1. Find a number on a website or also in your G Suite and click on the number

  1. Yodel browser window opens, and click on “Start” to initiate the call

For more details on how to install the Chrome extension, please visit our help article on!

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