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Good news for Microsoft Teams users

Mario Uher

· 2 min read

Microsoft’s annual developer event is happening as we speak: The Microsoft Build Conference. This year the conference takes place in Seattle, WA from May 10th until May 12th, 2017. Side Note: In case you have not had the luck to get tickets, the event is largely covered on Channel 9 by Microsoft itself.

At the conference, Microsoft is expected to show its future plans with Windows, Office, Cortana, and bots. That’s our keyword: BOTS.

We have been working with Microsoft through to build a Yodel integration for Microsoft’s group chat platform: Microsoft Teams. The platform is the new chat-based workspace in Office 365.

To those who are not familiar with Yodel yet: Our aim is to make business phone calls accessible right from your Microsoft Teams channel. Yodel is a voice bot integration with cutting edge voice recognition technology. Our voice bot Yodel answers calls automatically, asks who is calling and the reason for calling, and transfers the caller to the right person on your team. This ensures an easy way to handle business phone calls and makes them more collaborative than ever before.

And here are the big news:

As of today, Yodel can be integrated into your Microsoft Teams group chat!

The integration can be found on your page.

We also like to show you how Yodel looks like in Microsoft Teams:

Calls are announced and the caller is asked for the reason, which is transcribed into your dedicated channel.

Your channel gets notified of on-call updates in real-time.

Start an outgoing call by mentioning Yodel and adding the number you wish to call.

We are excited to launch Yodel next to Slack and HipChat, now also in Microsoft Teams! For this launch, we greatly appreciate the cooperation with

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