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The business phone system that joins your group chat as a bot.
Mike Heininger

Mike Heininger

3 min read

Dear fellow startup fanatics and techies, brace yourselves for the next big bot revolution! Yodel is coming! So what is there to expect? Yodel perfectly complements the digital communication software Slack, Hipchat, and other workplace communication platforms by initiating and answering any telephone calls, let it be national or international.

But before going into discussing Yodel, the non-techies might ask “What are bots anyways?”.

You undoubtedly already have heard about the term bot before but are not quite sure what to think of it. Simply put, bots are apps that behave and interact with you! More precisely, bots represent a user-centered tool to make an application more convenient to work with. An example would be the bot “Siri” as it supports the users of iPhones to create a more user-friendly experience.

So now you might think that bots have great potential but still don’t know how Yodel will make your communication system more “user-friendly”.

Well, Yodel brought to you by a distributed team with profound knowledge in web technologies and digital communication, offers a bot that docks on the business messaging function of Slack: While Slack provides a platform in which members of a team or an organization can communicate via real-time messaging, Yodel extends this tool with phone calls by integrating calling and answering of calls from within Slack, whether on your computer or your mobile. Yodel lets you grab phone numbers in more than 40 countries worldwide so all communication flows are packed in one tool without having to switch between providers.

This means that Slack users enjoy the advantage of contacting anyone in their channels not only digitally via messaging, but also live via phone calls which leave nothing you want to say unshared.

Huge fan of sharing things? Additionally to the business chat integration, Yodel gives you links to share calls inside and outside of Slack. Finally, you can share not only (cat) GIFs, but also calls!

Right now, Yodel lets you install their standard offer for free (as we are in beta). This includes 2 international numbers as well as 2 concurrent calls. Costs only arise if you request more numbers or concurrent calls.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a distributed team using Slack, and you need a business phone number for customer support or sales or any other task that your team can make use of, then just try Yodel out for yourself and see how it will be a big advantage for you!

Yodel - Add your business phone to Slack!

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The business phone system that joins your group chat as a bot.

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