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Get more work done by using Yodel’s latest integration with Integromat

You now have the possibility to create complex workflows for Yodel calls

Mario Uher

· 2 min read

Yodel is all about making your lives easier when it comes to phone calls:

  • We put the phone right in Slack so you don’t have to switch between tools every day.
  • We brought call screening to iOS so you always know why someone is calling you when you’re on the go.

Call Screening iOS

  • We’ve created canned and custom responses so you can respond to a caller via an audio message without needing to answer the phone.

Canned Response

And many many more that help you in your daily lives.

Now, we integrate with Integromat so you can build detailed and even complex workflows for calls to reduce the manual work of organizing calls.

Integromat is a no-code workflow automation platform that allows you to connect any online services together to automate even your most complex tasks, from start to finish.

You have access to over 40 helpful templates that will guide you through the different kinds of workflows.

Let it be if you want to:

The options are basically endless because together with Integromat almost any online task can be automated due to their HTTP and JSON modules that allow you to connect Yodel to any REST service. Sort of like a one-stop-shop for all your Yodel integration needs :).

We are excited to see what Yodel call flows you will build with Integromat!

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