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Custom Response

Create a custom response to react to a callers requests in real-time!

Mario Uher

· 2 min read

In addition to your beloved Yodel’s Canned Responses feature, you can now customize a response right in Slack simultaneously with the caller on the line.

To use it, activate the “Canned Response” feature on and add at least one customized response. This will enable the option in Slack and displays it correctly, so you can go ahead and write a response to your caller.

When calls come in, you have from now on two options to communicate with them through messages:

  1. Use one of your pre-written responses from the Canned Response feature
  2. Write your own response to fit the caller’s needs

This gives you the ability to let the caller receive an even more personalized calling experience than ever before.

Here is what our new feature looks like in action:

  1. Enable “Canned Responses” on and add at least one response to the list.

When a call comes in, you will see the new button called “Custom Response” in your Slack channel.

  1. A window will pop up and you can type in your response. It is similar to Yodel’s text messaging feature.

  1. Yodel will read your response out to your caller!

That was easy, wasn’t it? :-)

If you want to read up in more depth about the feature and how to set it up, visit our Custom Response help article on

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