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Call screening for the Yodel iOS app

Update your Yodel iOS app to screen calls before answering
Mario Uher

Mario Uher

2 min read

The first version of the Yodel iOS app launched some weeks ago. But you should already make sure to download the latest update. It includes a great feature called “Call Screening”. To download the app, click here.

This feature already exists with the Slack integration that lets your caller transcribe the reason for calling. So you and your team not only know who is calling but why they’re calling. In combination with canned responses, you can even respond to a caller without the need to pick up.

No more rushing out of meetings to answer a call in time, or needing to send back a text message to explain why you’re not able to pick up right now. Especially when it comes to customers and partners you always need to be available.

This is all in the past with the help of the call screening feature. Just let them know that you see they are calling and that you will call them back shortly. Or that they should stay on hold for just a second longer as you’re trying to leave a meeting to pick up the call.

You can create your own canned responses so they fit your needs completely.

Unable to answer the call it is urgent? Reply with a canned response and let your team take over.

Unable to answer the call although it is urgent? Reply with a canned response and let your team take over.

Since the iOS app is connected to your whole Yodel account, all other team members will still see the call. So you can just decline a caller when you are unable to speak and let your other team members take the call instead.

The app is free for Yodel customers, so be sure to update or download the app here.

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