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Building Better Solutions with Yodel + Make

Yodel’s response to Integromat’s latest evolution
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

Automating your workflow

Is probably a top priority for your team. Whether you are aiming to create simple workflow shortcuts, or create complex processes to improve your efforts, you have most likely looked to platforms such as Integromat to assist you.

Recently “Integromat” as we know it has evolved into a new platform called “Make”. Integromat was known for their no-code necessary integration tool, allowing teams to streamline their workflows without requiring an extensive technical background. The platform was used by teams of all sizes and styles, with the goal of improving productivity and efficiency.

That’s a mission that we here at Yodel can certainly relate to. As an intelligent business phone system, we are committed to improving the ways that teams handle their phone communication so that their employees can see productivity improvements, and their customers can get to experience better phone interactions. This is made possible by our own tech-savvy features that can become easy to use productivity boosters and efficiency drivers.

The Make Evolution

Given our connection to the Integromat mission, it has been exciting to see their new phase of business, under the new name Make.

Make has some exciting new features and capabilities for their users, and if you haven’t had the chance to take a look we highly recommend checking out their post here: Hear more directly from Make.

Explore more features

Yodel + Make

If you haven’t already been using Yodel’s integration with Integromat, this might be the perfect time to start. Yodel + Make will function as it always has, making your life a little bit easier when it comes to phone calls.

When you integrate with Make, you can build detailed workflows for calls to reduce the manual work of organizing and managing your phone communication.

It’s easy to get started, as Make provides over 40 helpful templates to help guide you through different kinds of workflows. Some customer favorites include:

  • Creating engagements in your CRM platform of choice when you have a finished outgoing call.
  • Creating new Trello Cards from finished and missed calls.
  • Saving call recordings to Airtable.

These are just a few of the possibilities that you can unlock when you take advantage of Make.

This latest evolution will give you access to more beneficial features within Make, without having to lose out on any of the Yodel benefits that can come with integrating these tools. We are thrilled that Make has been able to advance their product, and that they have done so in a way that has no impact on our Yodel family.

Whether you have taken advantage of this integration before, or are looking to get started now, we can’t recommend it enough. With smart automations you can improve your productivity and watch your efficiency soar as you engage in a more improved style of phone communication.

Check out other Yodel integrations into your favorite tools

Yodel x Make isn’t the only integration available! We know how important it is for our teams to be able to connect their phone communication to their favorite tools, which is why we offer thoughtful integrations into some of the most valuable workplace software and applications.

Whether your team lives in Slack, loves their CRM, or has some other favorite tool, check out our other Yodel integrations to see how you can connect to the tools your team already knows and loves.

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