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The unimaginable happened today: Slack was down for about two hours!
Silke English

Silke English

2 min read

As many of our customers integrate Yodel into Slack, it was also an event that affected us.

What can you do when Slack is down and Yodel can’t put through calls into the platform?

Yodel does fully integrate into Slack but is not built into their code and therefore is completely independent in its functionality. When Slack does not work properly, there is still the option to either integrate Yodel into another platform (e.g. Microsoft Teams, HipChat) or do the quick fix: forward the Yodel number to your mobile. This is what we suggest you do since it is done in less than 5 minutes and calls will effectively get forwarded to your mobile phone number. This ensures that you are staying on top of your calls, while the Slack outage lasts.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to manage.yodel.io,
  2. Click on your Yodel number
  3. Scroll down to the section “Voicemail and Call Forwarding”
  4. Enter the number you want the calls to get forwarded to.

Make sure you are adding the international area code when putting in your phone number!
Make sure you are adding the international area code when putting in your phone number!

Slack was trying hard to get their platform back up and running. Since Slack is for many companies the main way of their internal communication, people around the world took it to Twitter. The hashtag #slackdown was popular around the time of the outage. Here are some funny tweets that we found:

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