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Let’s Talk about Slack Apps

How you can make the most out of the platform your team loves
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

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Does your team live in Slack?

You certainly aren’t alone. With over 638,000 companies using Slack, the platform has grown to become a virtual hub for businesses. If you aren’t already familiar with Slack, it is a communication platform that allows users to message colleagues, share information and files, and more.You can communicate within Slack through channels, which are customizable groups that you can add various team members to, and through direct messaging.

Slack is beloved by many teams for its ability to provide a centralized communication platform that can be further tailored to a team’s needs through the addition of Slack apps. The affordable pricing options make it even more appealing for many teams.

Whether you have been using Slack for years, or are looking to get started, it is helpful to understand Slack apps, where to find them, and the benefits they can bring your team.

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Slack app basics

You can get even more value out of Slack when you incorporate useful apps and integrations into your workspace. Connecting the tools your team is already using in one spot can help streamline your workflow, improve collaboration, and reduce the risk of silos.

There are a couple types of Slack apps that are available

  • Apps built by Slack
  • Apps created by third parties
  • Apps that your team create

Finding apps

Slack makes it easy to find new apps for your team, with them being conveniently listed in the Slack App Directory. With over 2,000 apps available there are plenty of tools for your team to choose from. Within the directory you can easily search through the three main app groups: Staff picks, app collections, and seoImage: '' categories:

  • opinion pieces. The seoImage: '' categories:
  • opinion pieces group includes category titles such as “file management”, “marketing”, “customer support”, and more. There is also a convenient search bar which makes it easy to find specific products.

Slack App example

Using Yodel as an example can help show the benefits of using Slack apps, and connecting Slack to the business tools that your team uses daily. Yodel is a professional business phone system that utilizes VoIP technology to make and receive calls over the internet. You can gain access to a Slack Phone System with VoIP integration. Yodel also offers a robust collection of features, including business text messaging, which can be used within the Slack integration.

For a team who is centralizing internal communication within Slack, it only makes sense to have external communication available within the platform as well. Using the Yodel Slack App makes it easy to make and receive calls directly within the platform.

The Slack and Yodel integration makes it easy to take advantage of advanced features, with voice IVR able to route to specific Slack users or channels. Canned responses can be selected directly within Slack as well.

In the end…

Taking advantage of Slack can provide many benefits for a team, but you’re able to unlock even more when you take advantage of Slack apps. Finding Slack apps for your team is easy with Slack’s easy to use App Directory. Yodel is able to be integrated directly into Slack, and can be found within the Slack App Directory.

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