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In Tech B2B Startups, How Useful is Cold Calling?

Is it worthwhile to engage in this sales tactic, or should your team be investing their time elsewhere?
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

4 min read

In the past, cold calling was an integral part of many businesses’ marketing strategies. This was true for businesses of all sizes and types, and includes tech B2B startups. If you are wondering if cold calling is still relevant, or if you are looking for cold calling tips, then this is the article for you.

Cold Calling Statistics

Some of these statistics might help you determine if cold calling is still a relevant marketing strategy today.

  • 69% of buyers said that they accepted one or more cold calls

    According to the RAIN Group

  • 27% of sales people say that a B2B call is an effective first step in a prospecting sales strategy

    According to the RAIN Group

  • 82% of buyers accept meetings when salespeople reach out to them

    According to the RAIN Group

  • Cold calling is five to ten times more effective than email campaigns

    According to the RAIN Group

Engaging in cold calling is seen as a still relevant and effective method to connect with prospects and lead to sales. WeWork believes this sales tactic is especially important for startups, as they say “reaching out with cold calls is often the best way to spread the news about your company.”

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Cold Calling Tips

If your B2B startup would like to start cold calling, you want to make sure that your time investment will pay off. That’s why we wanted to give you some quick tips on how you can make cold calling a more effective process for your team. Whether your startup is made up of a small team, or a large group, these tips can help you maximize your chances of cold calling success.

  1. Prepare answers to common objections

    You will likely hear a few objections over and over again, such as “I’m just not looking for a new [your product or service] right now.” Having a prepared set of facts, responses, and answers at your disposal will help you better handle these objections.

  2. Maintain your focus

    Multitasking during a call, working in a distracting environment, or being interrupted by incoming calls are all ways that you could potentially lose focus. A lack of focus could result in a missed opportunity for your startup, so do what you can to best set your team up for success.

    Yodel tip: take advantage of our virtual receptionist, and our call recording and transcriptions to eliminate distractions and the need to take notes during an active call.

  3. Keep track of leads

    Keeping track of leads can be done easily if your team invests in the right tools. Using a CRM tool effectively will help streamline your cold calling process, and can be done with tools such as Salesmate, HubSpot or Salesforce.

    Yodel tip: connect your business phone system to your CRM tool through smart integrations to further streamline your cold calling process.

  4. Have a professional voicemail service at your disposal

    When leads call you back you want to be able to effectively manage them whether you can get to the phone or not. Having a professional voicemail service was identified by WeWork as an essential tip for cold calling, and we couldn’t agree more.

  5. Identify trends in timing

    Take note of trends that may be emerging during your cold calling, such as time of day or which day of the week leads to better results. These trends may help you determine when it is most effective to engage in cold calling, especially if your startup isn’t planning on consistently or constantly cold calling.

In the end…

B2B startups should be taking advantage of cold calling, as it can still lead to promising results. For businesses engaged in cold calling, having a reliable and robust business phone system is a must. With Yodel, you are able to cold call with a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency. You will also benefit from Yodel throughout your other forms of business phone communication. If you’d like to give it a try, get started with a free 14 day trial.

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