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Engaging Your Audience through Technology

Better connect with current and potential customers by giving your business a technological edge.
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

The Time is Now

Forming digital connections is more possible than ever with existing technology. Not only is it more possible than ever, but it’s also more important than ever.

According to FullStory

69% of digital experience professionals reported that the digital customer experience has become more important to their customers because of COVID-19.

The time is truly now to take advantage of the digital experience to connect with customers.

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What is the digital experience?

The digital experience can be thought of as the combination of all online interactions that your customer is having with your brand. That includes your business’ website, mobile apps, social media, and other virtual touchpoints. Not every aspect of the digital experience is within your ability to directly control. For example, when you take advantage of social media you’re enhancing your customer’s experience by sharing valuable information, and content with engaging quality photos. However, you are opening yourself up to comments from other social media users. The impact of those comments contributes to your (potential) customer’s overall digital experience.

The digital experience is a massive opportunity for businesses of all sizes and types to take advantage of. It has the potential to leave a lasting impression on digital visitors, and there are many factorsthat are within your control to help you enhance the digital experience. We wanted to share a few of those with you today.

Take advantage of texting

According to Science of Revenue, SMS and MMS messages are one of the most popular digital communication channels with 98% of messages opened and read by recipients. Businesses that utilize text messaging can enhance their digital experience just by simply offering this channel of communication.

You can even offer business text messaging directly from your business phone number. Through Yodel’s VoIP service, you’re able to send business SMS messages to your customers. By using your business phone number, you are able to maintain your professional image, protect customer information, and centralize your communications.

View of the Yodel texting option within Slack integration
Yodel Makes Business Texting Easy

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Connect via Chatbots & Live Chats

Enhancing your website can easily be done by adding a chatbot to your page. Chatbots are simply computer programs that can simulate human conversations through voice commands, text chats, or sometimes even both. This differs from a live chat, where a human agent is responsible for responding to incoming messages.

Both chatbots and live chats are great ways to improve your website experience. According to SalesForce, 58% of users say that chatbots have changed their expectations of customer experience, with most saying chatbots have positively affected their user experience.

Chatbots can easily be added to your website, with platforms such as ChatBot. By using a chatbot platform, you don’t have to worry about any coding. You can just simply configure and customize their products to create a chatbot to fit your needs.

Visit with a Virtual Tour

Technology lets you take the term “website visitor” to a whole new level with virtual tours. A virtual tour can help your website visitors envision your business without having to travel to it directly. This can be especially useful for businesses such as event venues, but many different business types can benefit from the application of virtual tours.

Virtual tours used to be a high-end digital experience that was costly for businesses to implement. Using a product such as RexTheme WPVR is a more affordable option for businesses to consider.

In the end…

There are many ways that your business can use technology to virtually connect with your customers. This can help deepen the relationship with existing customers, leading to increased loyalty. It also can help engage potential new customers in a way that helps you stand out from the competition.

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