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Bring the "Custom" back to Customer Support!

Thoughts from a SaaS business that is basically rocking it!
Silke English

Silke English

4 min read

Yodel.io is constantly trying to provide a better customer experience with their product but also tries to be available for their customer’s questions and needs. We learned a lot since we first started with Yodel.io and honestly, we had to adjust the process many times and are still open to new improvements.

Here are my thoughts on this topic:

We all have been giving or at least have received customer support in our lives. I bet we all do have had at least one experience with a customer support line that was frustrating, draining, and felt like our time was stolen by how our issue was handled. Unsatisfied and mad about the business contacted.

What if I tell you, that 32% of customers are frustrated with how their calls are handled by customer support representatives. No wonder why many customers take their complaints to social media and it is gaining popularity. The interactions get less personal and a tweet or message is written within a few minutes — mostly replied by the business with an automatically generated response or a bot. — No shade here, we are living in 2017, right? But why let them take it to social media when in times like these, customer support can be done automated and customized also over the phone? Giving callers a great experience with a business and have their issues resolved in a few minutes.

Up to 52% of millennials are stopping doing business with someone who did not satisfy them with their customer support. This is more than half and should concern and motivate us to give every customer the perfect experience to keep the business thriving! I mean… who can afford to lose a customer over something that can easily be avoided?!

Don’t get me wrong, the customer service does not have to be over-the-top awesome but it should be solving the issues quickly and answer questions satisfyingly AND make the customer feel valuable to the business.

We simply need to bring back the “Custom” to Customer Support!

Think about it… when you walk into a store and the store assistant seems knowledgeable and gives you the feeling that they care about you personally and your individual needs… how does this feel? I bet you walk out of there and made a purchase! However, this is what a SaaS company can’t do. We do not have a store, someone could simply walk into BUT we can provide a service that makes the customer feel special and valued!

This is how we make it happen at Yodel.io:

When someone calls us, our own Yodel voice assistant is picking up the phone and routes the call to the responsible person. No valuable time wasted for the caller by being on hold and they will reach the right person to talk to in less than 2 minutes! We hear daily that callers are happy with our phone support. The best thing about it, we do not lose callers that are frustrated with waiting on hold for too long and hang up. Those frustrated ones will go with a competitor as soon as they have a chance to do so! Wouldn’t you do so yourself?

In addition to this, we also set up a live-chat on our website and inside our manage interface where customers can adjust their settings in. Our live-support spans over 18h a day, since we are lucky enough to have offices on two different continents. This means that our customers or potential customers get an immediate reply to their concerns, questions, or issues in 99% of the cases.

And we do believe this is why our customers do not feel the need to take their frustration to our social media pages!

As mentioned above, we are still learning and improving our ways to handle our customer support. Yet, we can say that the more personalized we made the conversations — voice and written — the more conversions and renewals we had! We got reassured about our customer support by customers telling us that they decided on us because we provided more instant and personal support.

If you have a great way of handling your customer support, please let us know in the comments! 👇

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