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Betaworks announces voicecamp!

Nina Hoedlmayr

· 2 min read

Yesterday, Betaworks announced its second accelerator program after holding the Bootcamp in 2016. This time it’s all about voice, argumenting that voice-based software like Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant are the next step for “a more natural end-user experience”.

Right after having read this news, we from YodelTalk got pretty excited. We started our project out of the belief that intelligent, computer-based voice communication will become the next step in the AI era.

So our thesis pretty much got confirmed by betaworks :)

We know that chatbots have great potential as the messaging world is already more important than all the other apps together. But our approach is slightly different. Yes, people are texting like crazy nowadays but the easiest, most personal, and direct way of communicating is via voice.

This is definitely a reason why Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. invest in this area and already have successfully brought products to the market.

To say it with Betaworks’s words:

We believe that voice-based computing represents the natural evolution of conversational interfaces to a more natural and frictionless end user experience. In addition, as computers become more seamlessly installed into our daily lives, in connected homes, in automobiles, and in various wearable and augmenting devices, voice-based interfaces will become a staple of human-computer interaction.

We will definitely prepare to apply for the voicecamp. :)

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