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Best Business Phone System Alternatives

What you should be looking for when replacing your traditional phone system
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

2 min read

What is an analog phone system?

Traditional phone systems are often referred to as an analog phone system. That would be a phone system with the traditional landline phone service, that establishes a point-to-point connection between subscribers. Analog phone systems rely on copper phone lines in order to transmit voice signals as electronic pulses.

Are all phone systems analog?

The short answer: No they aren’t.

Analog phone systems were found to be limiting in terms of their scalability, and flexibility. That is part of what led VoIP systems to emerge, offering internet based communications. Originally, VoIP systems were only feasible for large companies who could afford to buy and store on-premise servers. However, nowadays there are VoIP providers who are able to make this technology accessible for businesses of all sizes.

A VoIP system is able to take analog voice signals and compress them into data packets. Those data packets are then sent through the internet before being decompressed back into analog voice signals. This removes the need for those copper phone lines, with the internet becoming the delivery system for voice communication.

So wait, are VoIP systems better than analog phones?

The specific phone needs will differ according to your unique business, but in general VoIP systems are able to offer a lot of benefits when compared to analog systems. For example, many businesses are able to reduce the cost of their telecommunications systems by switching to a VoIP provider.

If you take advantage of a VoIP provider who is able to offer advanced features you may also see increases to your team’s productivity and efficiency. There is also potential for increased collaboration and improved customer relationships. But, as I said, this will depend on the specific features that your provider offers.

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Where does Yodel stand?

Yodel is able to offer users a wide range of next-generation features that can be used to enhance your phone communication in order to improve your overall workflow. Other benefits of that Yodel is able to provide include:

  • Optimizing the usage of your current business tools
  • Increasing phone communication accessibility
  • Improving local and international presence
  • Unlocking new channels of communication
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In the end…

VoIP systems in general have a leg up on traditional analog phone systems in terms of what they can offer businesses. If you are looking to switch to a VoIP system, then consider choosing a robust phone system like Yodel which can provide additional benefits to you and your team.

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