Why Does Your Company Need Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years, with countless products and services popping up promising to help unify your communications. But, what does that really mean for a business?
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

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We wanted to give you an overview of UC, and show you what it can look like in practice so that you can better understand the benefits it can offer.

So, what is UC?

Having unified communications refers to having multiple communication channels integrated with each other. Consolidating your business communication can help improve business efficiency, prevent information silos, and may even reduce your communication-related expenses.

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Unified communications is a great way to improve the collaboration that takes place during business communication. Sharing information and data that is accessible across communication channels can help team members work together to resolve issues, and share information about previous communications that have taken place.

What can UC look like?

Yodel can give you some insight into how Unified Communications can look across a couple of different communication channels.

For this example, we will be discussing a hypothetical team

They are currently using Slack to communicate within their team, a phone system to connect with their customers, and text messaging.

Without UC, the team members message each other in Slack to update each other throughout their workday. Imagine one team member just answered the phone, and forgot to update their team that they are on a call with a customer. For the next hour, the team member isn’t responding to incoming messages, leaving the rest of their team confused or frustrated.

Here’s another example for the same team.

Imagine the company policy is to confirm each new order with a customer. A team member sends a business text message to confirm a recent order. An hour later, another employee isn’t sure if that customer’s order has been confirmed, so they give them a call. The customer is left feeling bombarded with confirmations, and the team has wasted time with multiple team members completing the same task.

None of these problems would be happening if the team used Yodel to unify their communication. Through an intelligent Slack integration, Yodel can live inside this business tool. All team members will be able to see incoming calls, and who is currently handling each one. Yodel can also send business text messages through Slack, so each member can see recent communication and avoid repetition.

In the end…

Unified communications can be a great tool for any business. With Yodel, you can quickly start seeing the benefits.

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