Who Typically Uses a Virtual Office?

Virtual offices have become more and more popular, but who exactly is taking advantage of this workplace setup?
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

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What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a combination of business tools and applications that are able to give a team the functionalities of a physical office, without there being a central physical location for the team to work out of. Virtual offices are able to provide benefits that will vary based on the type of team using it, but in general most teams are able to see the following:

  • Reduced costs by eliminating expenses related to owning or leasing a traditional office
  • Improved virtual and flexible working capabilities
  • Increased rates of employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduced risk of information silos occurring
  • Access to a global talent pool
  • Improved workflows across a variety of business functions

With a virtual office…

Teams are able to vastly improve their remote capabilities. That is why businesses of all kinds will take advantage of a virtual office. Whenever a business calls for flexible work hours, virtual offices are better able to support businesses. Whether your team allows flexible work time, has a hybrid work schedule, or a fully remote team, accessing a virtual office can make a huge difference.

Think about it…

Imagine your team takes advantage of a hybrid working schedule, where team members are only in your physical office a few days of the working week. The days where they are able to work remotely shouldn’t leave them totally isolated from the rest of your team. They should still be able to access all of the functionalities and benefits of being in your physical office. This includes having an easy way to stay connected with your colleagues, communicate with your customers, and access the business tools necessary to do their jobs. These tools shouldn’t exist in a bubble, they should still be connected to your other team members so that information can flow freely between employees. This will help you prevent harmful information silos from forming.

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What do you need to build a virtual office?

In general, there are a few key components to a virtual office that are necessary for success. We have created a short list that you can use as a starting point when you are creating your own virtual office.

  • High speed internet:

    Whether your team is working in part in a physical office or fully remote, each member needs to have a highly reliable internet connection available. If your virtual office will be accessed from personal homes, it may make sense to offer to offset personal expenses related to upgrading internet packages. While this isn’t necessary, it could help encourage your team members to have the reliable internet connection necessary to utilize a virtual office.

  • Centralized communication platform:

    Determine how your team will stay connected to one another while they are in the office, or working virtually. The best platforms will be able to integrate other business tools that you will be using, allowing for a more natural flow of information and communication. Platforms such as Slack or Drift are popular choices amongst businesses for their ease of use, and intuitive information organization.

  • Cloud based applications:

    Using cloud based applications will help your team prevent those harmful information silos. That is because information and data will be stored in the cloud where it can be accessed by all team members, instead of saved to local hard drives. This will also allow technology to be easily accessible for all team members, and can make onboarding new employees even more efficient.

  • A VoIP phone system:

    A VoIP phone system is an internet based phone system that your team can access from a physical office or virtually. With Yodel you can easily integrate your business phone system with other tools you are using, such as your other cloud based applications or centralized communications platforms. Having a professional business phone system allows you to maintain a professional image and centralize communication even when working remotely.

In the end…

Virtual offices as traditionally used by teams that take advantage of remote work. Remote work has become more common these days, and having a virtual office to support remote work allows for a more effective team. When you set up your virtual office, try out Yodel’s VoIP system for free with our 14 day trial.

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