What is Conditional Call Forwarding?

ACD and Conditional Call Forwarding, Simply Explained
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

2 min read

Conditional Call Forwarding and ACD

If you’ve been looking into call routing options and functionalities, you may have heard about conditional call forwarding. It might be better to start by explaining ACD, and how conditional call forwarding compliments ACD.

Automatic Call Distribution

ACD, is a way to automatically receive incoming calls and distribute them to an available agent. This helps businesses, call centers, and contact centers better handle high volumes of incoming calls. An ACD system works with an IVR system in order to route the call appropriately.

The ACD is the system that converts your responses to IVR menu choices in order to connect your call to the right agent. The system helps increase caller satisfaction, and resolve inbound calls in a more efficient manner.

But what happens when there is no available agent to take the call?

Well, some ACD systems are able to use conditional call forwarding to handle those situations.

Conditional call forwarding takes place when the phone lines are busy, or the call can’t be addressed for whatever reason (such as being in a meeting, lack of service, etc.)

Your call can instead be forwarded to another line, rather than going straight to voicemail. Unconditional call forwarding would forward all calls to another number. But for many businesses this option is excessive, and they only want calls forwarded when they cannot be answered normally.

In the End…

Conditional call forwarding is the functionality that can forward an incoming call to a different number when there is no answer, the line is busy, or the line is unreachable for whatever reason. ACD is the feature that allows calls to be routed, by connecting incoming calls with the appropriate destination. These features are great in their ability to help you better direct how your incoming calls are handled.

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