What is CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service)?

Learn about CCaaS technology, and how your contact center can best leverage CCaaS.
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

If you are looking to enable your contact center with advanced features, consider adopting a CCaaS system.

What is CCaaS?

CCaaS, also known as Contact Center as a Service, is a software model that helps companies better equip their contact centers. Instead of purchasing on-site contact center solutions, companies will utilize cloud-based software provided by their CCaaS vendor. Many companies will take advantage of CCaaS for the cost savings, reduced down time, and the ease in which software can be updated. This helps contact centers take advantage of new features, functions, and integrations as they become available.

CCaaS Benefits

In general, CCaaS is able to provide a long list of benefits. The specific benefits may vary depending on your type and style of business, but in general CCaaS can offer:

  • Lower upfront investment in contact center technology
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance and overhead expenses
  • Streamlined workflows across communication channels
  • Technology that enables remote and flexible working
  • Scalability in both technology and pricing options
  • Security and compliance guarantees

How Can You Access CCaaS?

It’s understandable why you’d want to take advantage of contact center technology after seeing the list of benefits. Luckily, accessing contact center software is easy with Yodel.

Yodel is able to connect your business phone solution with your business text messaging, helping to connect these two important channels of communication. From there, Yodel can be further connected to your other channels of communication creating a robust contact center.

With Yodel as your contact center technology, you’re able to take advantage of a highly scalable system with international capabilities. You’ll also see the benefits of a cost-effective solution that is highly reliable.

Getting started with Yodel is easy, and you can have your contact center technology up and running in a matter of minutes.

Sign up for free

Steps to create a Yodel account

  1. Create Your Trial Account And Receive A Phone Number

    Easily filter to find specific area codes and countries. With 70 different countries to choose from, you will be able to find a number that fits your business needs.

  2. Invite Your Team Members And Assign Roles

    Designate Admin, Member, and Guest roles to help your team have access to everything they need.

  3. Make And Receive Calls

    Take advantage of different integration options, or use our Web, Desktop, or Mobile apps! With plenty of options, your team can choose the system that works best for them!

It’s really that simple!

Explore more features

In the end…

Taking advantage of Contact Center as a Service software can help you improve your call center experience for both your callers and your employees. With an always up to date system, you can take advantage of new technology right as it emerges. With Yodel, you can get started with a free trial and easily see why our VoIP system is perfect for contact centers.

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