What is a VoIP solution?

We’re here to dive into what a VoIP business phone solution is, and the technology that helps these systems work.
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

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We’re here to break down the basics

A VoIP phone is a phone system that is able to make and receive calls using the internet, instead of relying on outdated telephone wires. VoIP phones are known for giving users a better experience as they can offer companies increased mobility, flexibility, and accessibility.

VoIP phones are able to do that because they are able to work, wherever you are. As long as you have access to a reliable internet connection, then you are able to access your business phone solution. The best part? You don’t even need an actual “phone” to start communicating with customers. You can typically access a VoIP phone system through devices such as laptops, desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones, and even traditional SIP phones. Look for a business phone provider that is able to give you access to an app to get the widest range of devices possible.

With VoIP phones, there are two main categories of solutions. We want to walk you through what an on-premise solution is, and how it differs from a hosted VoIP solution. Deciding between the two will have to be a choice made by your business, as both are reliable ways to access a VoIP phone.

If you want to have all of your technology on-site, including the necessary servers, then you should be looking for an on-premise solution. However, these solutions are typically only feasible for large companies with extensive technology budgets.

The cost of the servers alone is significant, and you will have to configure and maintain all of your important features, capabilities, and functionalities. This can cause a drain on resources, and if it isn’t done right you could lose out on valuable customer interactions.

That is why many businesses decide to choose a hosted VoIP solution. These solutions are accessible through a provider who will take care of those expensive servers all on their own. Customers will typically “subscribe” to their solution of choice, where they pay monthly and per user to access the VoIP capabilities. This is seen as an affordable solution, with hosted VoIP oftentimes being more affordable than traditional phone systems.

VoIP systems are known for being able to provide businesses with a better way to do phone communication. But, you may be wondering exactly how a VoIP phone is able to work. In this post we want to explain VoIP in an approachable way, so that you can understand how these systems can help improve your business.

The Tech Side of Things

One of the best ways to answer the question “what is a VoIP number” is by explaining the technology behind it. While understanding the technology perfectly isn’t necessary, it can help you gain a deeper understanding of VoIP technologies that will enable you to find the best solution for your team.

VoIP systems are able to pick up your voice through the microphone of the device that you are using. As said before, this can be a computer, phone, or tablet. Your voice generates analog voice signals, which are compressed into packets of data. The VoIP data packets are transmitted over the internet and then decompressed back to analog voice signals for the person on the other side of your phone call.

This process is done instantaneously. There is no delay between voice signals from a VoIP system and voice signals from telephone wires. That means you won’t experience any lags in the call or awkward pauses.

This technology is not detectable to users on either end, outside of providing a crystal clear voice communication experience.

By selecting a cloud based VoIP solution, you are simply offloading the responsibility and expense of maintaining and implementing the servers responsible for making all this magic happen. If you lack the space, budget, or patience to handle this component in house, you’re in luck. All of the providers we will be talking about today will be cloud based solutions, so you won’t have to worry about this significant component yourself.

A VoIP number can be given to you through a VoIP provider, or your existing business phone number can typically be ported into your new VoIP system. That number then can be used to make and receive calls via the internet.

For the User

You may be nervous about implementing a new phone system into your business processes. Don’t worry, taking advantage of a VoIP system is simple for your entire team.

A VoIP user doesn’t have to worry about data packet compression. In fact, making and receiving a call through a VoIP system is done in the same way that it would be with a traditional telephone system. VoIP system providers may differ in what they can offer, but with Yodel your VoIP system can be connected to hardware SIP phones, a computer, tablet, or even your mobile devices.

Your team may even fall in love with the smart integrations made possible by VoIP solutions. Combining your business phone system with a business tool you already love such as your CRM or internal communication channels will help improve workflows and increase productivity. It can also help you avoid harmful information silos that only cause your team members grief and frustration.

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For the Caller

If you are concerned about your callers seeing a change or experiencing frustrations, then you also should be reassured. Since the technology is seamlessly working in the background, your callers won’t have to change their behavior at all. The only differences they may notice would be the crystal clear call quality, and improved caller experiences made possible by exciting new features.

Your callers, whether they are using a VoIP system or not, wouldn’t notice any difference as well. This is helpful as it allows businesses to take advantage of this technology without any additional process necessary for people trying to reach their business.

Your team may be able to better serve your callers by decreasing the time they spend on the phone, and personalizing the experience. Look for a business VoIP solution that is able to offer intelligent features that ensure a high quality customer experience.

In The End…

We hope that you have learned everything you need to know so that you can better answer the question, how does a VoIP phone work? As you now know, a VoIP system is able to take advantage of technology to deliver phone calls over the internet, which you can access through a VoIP phone number. Using that phone number won’t require new complicated processes for your team, or your callers.

IIf you are ready to get started with a VoIP system of your own today, then be sure to check out Yodel’s free 14 day trial. With Yodel your entire team can experience advanced features, in an easy to use manner. Our hosted VoIP solution is able to offer crystal clear call quality that your callers will love. Avoid potential downtime getting your team up and running, and instead adopt an intuitive and intelligent business phone solution.

You can take advantage of our demo call or live webinar to get started, so you can make sure you are starting off on the right foot. Yodel is a solution that is always easy to use, and even easier to implement. Avoid unnecessary downtime, and get started with crystal clear voice technology right from day one. Check it out today!

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