What is a virtual telephone number?

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Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

2 min read

Getting tied to a landline phone system should be something of the past. A virtual phone number can help your business unlock flexibility like never before, but first…

What exactly is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is simply a phone number that isn’t tied to a physical location. They can be connected to hardware SIP phones if that is your team’s preference, but virtual phone numbers can be accessible over mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

How does it work?

A virtual phone doesn’t use traditional phone lines to work. Instead, virtual numbers make calls through VoIP technology. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are able to make calls over the internet.

Once you are set up with a VoIP system, you will receive access to a virtual telephone number. If you already have a business phone number, you can likely port your existing telephone number. If you don’t have one or would like to change yours, you can choose between local, international or toll-free numbers.

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Why should you consider a virtual phone number?

As we already mentioned, virtual phone numbers come with the amazing benefit of enabling a more flexible phone system. This can help your team offer a variety of working options for your employees. From flexible working to fully remote, equip your team with a tool that can help you do it all.

Flexibility isn’t the only benefit of a virtual phone number. Remember how we mentioned local and international phone numbers being available? These numbers can help you better connect with customers, especially if many of them are in a different location than you. Give your customers increased accessibility with a phone number with a recognizable area code.

A virtual phone number can also give your business the following benefits:

In the end…

Accessing a virtual phone number is easy with Yodel! You will be able to see why having a virtual telephone number is a benefit for your business right from the start with our 14 day free trial.

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