What is a good VOIP that can be used globally?

Expand your business reach with VoIP
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

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Whether your team is distributed across the globe, you have international customers, or you just want a phone system with global access, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for a VoIP system.

Your VoIP system should be able to support your business goals.

If you’re looking for a global system, start by seeing if your VoIP system is able to offer you the following:

International and Local Numbers Available

No matter where you are, you should have access to the business phone numbers that make sense for your business. With international and local phone numbers, you can easily expand your business presence.

Picture this: Your business is physically based in Canada, but you have a lot of customers across the world in Australia. It would help more Australian customers find your business, and easier for existing customers to contact you, with an Australian phone number.

Using an international virtual number will help you access exactly that. Look for a VoIP system that can offer you a range of international virtual phone numbers, to best fit your global needs.

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Global Network, Strong Reliability

Your reliability should be guaranteed wherever you are doing business. A VoIP provider who has a strong global network can help you with that. By working with trusted local carriers, Yodel is able to offer high quality voice communication wherever your business is, and wherever it chooses to go.

GDPR Compliant

A global phone system should comply with data protection and security laws where you are doing business. GDPR standards are some of the highest standards to exist, so it is likely that a GDPR compliant system will comply with other national standards. It is important to always check local standards to ensure that your VoIP system and phone practices are compliant.

Yodel is proud to offer GDPR compliant features, helping keep your business’ and your customer’s information secure.

In the end..

Yodel can help your business become a truly global one. With a VoIP system on your side, you can extend your phone communication presence around the world.

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