What Companies Need a Call Center?

Call centers can be a great way to centralize your phone communication. But, who exactly needs a call center?
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

Typically, call centers are used by bigger companies who experience a large volume of inbound calls. It provides an easy way to organize and create effective processes to handle those calls. A traditional call center is a designated team that fields the majority or all of the inbound and outbound calls that a company receives. Outsourcing a call center has been a popular option for many companies, but housing a call center internally remains a favored option for many teams.

Companies who currently are using call centers are able to see the following benefits:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Higher rates of customer satisfaction
  • Advanced call analytics opportunities

However, call centers are no longer reserved for large companies alone. Small and medium sized teams have begun to take advantage of technology that allows their teams to experience the benefits of a call center, without having to have a designated call center.

Yodel is one of those systems that can help your team see the benefits of a call center, without having to create an internal team or outsource the call center process.

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We wanted to give you some tips on how you can use Yodel to replace the need for a call center, while still seeing all of the benefits.

Sales Support:

With Yodel your Sales team can easily access important information by integrating Yodel into your CRM tool. Additional features can help you know everything you need to know about who you are calling, with the ability to add notes and tags to previous correspondences. Yodel makes it easy to call leads with our click-to-dial extension, streamlining the voice communication process even further.

Improved efficiency:

Our intelligent IVR system will route calls directly to the right party, right from the start. The auto-attendant features housed within Yodel help your team avoid unnecessary distractions, as they will be notified of only the most relevant calls. It is also easy to connect Yodel to tools that you love, creating a centralized communication process,

Cost savings:

Between our Premium and Premium plus option you will be able to pick the plan that best suits your team and your budget. There is no need to purchase any additional hardware, as we are compatible with mobile phones, tablets, computers, and even hardware SIP phones. Yodel is committed to providing you with a technologically advanced system, at an accessible price that teams of any size can take advantage of.

High rates of customer satisfaction:

With features that help increase call collaboration and effective communication, your customers and callers will be more satisfied than ever. You will be better equipped to handle even the most difficult calls, leaving your team feeling prepared and your callers feeling satisfied.

Advanced call analytics opportunities:

Between our call and text messaging logs, you will be able to access important call information and data that can be used for advanced analytics. The call and text logs are always easy to access and search through, with multiple sorting field options.

In the end…

Not every team needs a fully developed call center, but every team could see benefits from improving their phone communication. Look to Yodel if you are trying to find a call center solution that fits teams of all sizes.

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