What are the features of a virtual phone system?

A Virtual Phone System is an Internet-based system that uses the latest telecommunication technology and offers an extremely affordable option (compared to traditional office phones, which require an office line and expensive hardware).
Clarisa Abalasei

Clarisa Abalasei

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Also known as a cloud-based telephone system, a virtual phone is a business external communication system that allows you to make and receive calls. Essentially, it is a VOIP service that allows you to have multiple phone numbers, including international phone numbers.

Just like a traditional telephone network, a virtual phone system manages all calls that enter your business. You can manage your calls from anywhere in the world and turn the phones of all members of your team into a fully integrated and professional network.

Wait…what is VOIP?

Before we dive in, however, let me explain what VoIP is and why you should invest in a VOIP business telephone system. You can also check our other blog article for more information: How does a VoIP phone number work?

Let’s start with a simple definition: A virtual business telephone system is a tool that allows you to make telephone calls over the Internet, without having to pay for a dedicated local server. A virtual telephone system is primarily designed to direct incoming calls to your company without the need to buy any telephone hardware. Instead of buying a few desk phones and routing equipment, you can create, manage, and monitor the system professionally directly from your PC or laptop that has an internet connection.

If you have a current business number connected to your landline, you can port it to the virtual VOIP provider and convert it into a virtual phone number. In situations where forwarding is required, the business phone number can also be forwarded to mobile phones, fixed phones in the home office, etc.

Virtual Phone System for Call Center with Headsets

Advantages of a Virtual Phone System

Unlike a traditional telephone system, a virtual telephone system never requires the company to maintain or fix system problems. Unlike wired systems, which include physical phones and servers, the virtual telephone system manages all business communication using the internet to route calls to the right contact. In most cases, you only need to pay a monthly fee with any Virtual Phone System provider.

Virtual telephone systems are really affordable compared to the alternatives, especially for small businesses with limited resources and budgets. Given the hassle and high cost of installation and hardware, this is an even bigger deal to choose a cloud phone provider. There is no doubt that a virtual telephone system offers a lot of features that will save you time and help you sound professional.

Since virtual telephone systems are hosted online, they can be offered in a variety of pricing options. Virtual Phone Systems call rates are much cheaper than those of traditional carrier-based carriers, making it much easier to maintain a reliable business telephone system. As a result, the call fee for virtual phone systems is much lower than that of a traditional phone operator.

The level of functionality depends on which service brand you choose, but virtual PBX systems have much more to offer than traditional PBX systems. The good news is that a virtual phone system can even include an app for your phone that allows easy phone calls, settings, and updates. Virtual telephone systems are easy to set up, make and receive calls, and monitor. This is because you don’t need to install clunky hardware or buy a new phone for your team, thanks to the fact that a VOIP system is fully virtual and can work with any existing phone. Even if you do not have a telephone system yet, you can get all the features normally associated with a traditional phone system by choosing such a virtual phone provider.

Yodel might be the solution to your needs

Although not all virtual phone systems offer the same functionality, Yodel has cross-marked most features that are specific to virtual phones. If you currently use an analog phone or have an existing device, you can easily transfer to us and keep the same business phone number. Virtual telephone systems allow you to call any number, even landline, mobile, and fixed phones.

If you would like to purchase a virtual phone number from Yodel, you can register for free and choose your desired geographical location for your virtual number. After you have created an account, simply select the area code you want through the Yodel management platform, and start using your virtual phone number. Once you have signed in and configured your phone line, you can start placing outgoing calls and receive calls from customers as well. It is very easy to make or receive calls from your smartphone as well by installing the Yodel mobile app.

Yodel Integrations

Our Amazing Features

You can port your existing phone number to Yodel, get a caller ID and a voicemail inbox. You can access a wide range of services such as:

  1. Welcome Message for Customers
    Set up a customizable welcome message to greet all your incoming callers.
  2. Business Text Messages
    Send your callers a text message, helping you communicate effectively with your customers.
  3. Call Conferencing
    Yodel lets your entire team see incoming calls who are able to join or listen.
  4. Voicemail Transcription
    Yodel records voicemails as both audio recordings and displayed in a text format.
  5. Call Log
    Yodel will conveniently save all of your calls in a call log that can be easily organized by using tags and filtered through them as well.
  6. A lot of Integrations
    Integrate your phone system into tools your business is already using, such as Slack, SaaS tools, CRM software, and more.

And many more to be discovered. You can port your existing phone number, or you can start from scratch by signing up for Yodel using the button below. Looking forward!

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